Studio + Recording

  1. 19" Racks
  2. 500 Series
  3. 500 Series Racks
  4. Bags
  5. Audio Interfaces
  6. Cases
  7. Channel Strips
  8. Conditioners
  9. Control Surfaces
  10. Covers
  11. DI - Reamping
  12. Dynamics
  13. Effects
  14. Equalizers
  15. Headphones
  16. Mic Pres
  17. Microphones - Condenser
  18. Microphones - Dynamic
  19. Microphones - Ribbon
  20. Microphones - Shotgun
  21. Microphones - USB
  22. Mic Stands
  23. Mixers
  24. Monitoring
  25. Monitors
  26. Monitor Stands
  27. Patchbays
  28. Rackmount Kits
  29. Recorders
  30. Recording Accessories
  31. Summing
  32. Sync
  1. Microphones
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The studio is the place where all of the rest of our work often comes together: carefully crafted sounds merge together to form powerful soundscapes, and the whole of one's musical vision becomes clear. For many, the studio and act of recording are part of every stage of the creative process, like a large instrument that can be used to craft entire worlds of sound.

Perfect Circuit strives to provide the finest tools for recording and studio work in all price ranges. Whether you're getting started with your first audio interface or upgrading to the most recent Universal Audio offering, whether you're capturing sound in a controlled environment or out in the field, whether you have a humble bedroom setup or have racks and racks of boutique 500 Series gear—there's something here that will spark your creativity and make your workflow smoother.

Microphones, mixers, field recorders, studio monitors, audio interfaces, and rack processors—it's all here.