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62HP Pingable Percussion Party Box

In this episode of the 62HP series, we’ve loaded up our Intellijel Palette case with a plethora of cool modules from Super Synthesis, alongside a few other key modules to build out a Pingable Percussion instrument. For our purposes, a “ping” is a gate or trigger signal that will be used for things like triggering internal envelopes or resetting the phase of clock rates.

The centerpiece of this system is the PHRSR from Super Synthesis, a two-channel phrase recorder that captures knob movements in sequences up to 16 steps in length. One thing which makes this module unique is that the external clock input doesn’t override the internal clock, but rather it performs a hard sync reset that can be manipulated to create swing, syncopations, and other metric transformations. Also from Super Synthesis, we’re running dual 2OPFM modules for percussive FM sounds, the VCAR for CV controllable attack-release envelopes, and the ISO two-band DJ-style EQ.

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