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If you follow our channel, you clearly know that in the vast majority of our videos we showcase a seemingly endless variety of commercially available tools for music making of all shapes, forms, and sounds, and we truly enjoy doing that. However sometimes our love for sonic artistry, novel ideas, and plain old curiosity take us to explore the less visible world of quirky one-off musical inventions by contemporary artists versed in the field of sound.

Meet Stephanie Cheng Smith, and her whimsical and charming b-z-bowls—an electro-acoustic modular instrument that comprises an array of vibration motors that excite plastic bowls filled with a non-random selection of everyday objects. Stephanie is a musician, composer, and programmer who skilfully combines all of her talents, and interests into a unified sound-centered artistic practice. The range of her output encompasses composed and improvised pieces for violin, electronics, as well as her own instruments. She is also a member of Ensemble Uhhhhhmm (formerly known as Lil' Jürg Frey)—a virtual experimental quartet that exists solely within Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons environment.

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