Golden Age ProjectR1A Ribbon Microphone


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Golden Age Project R1A

Bringing the smooth and easy listening character of classic ribbon mics, the Premier R1A from Golden Age Project is their take on the vintage ribbon sound infused with active electronics for powerful captures on any sound. Designed around the classic RCA 44 and 77, the sound quality showcases rolled off yet smooth high end and extended low end, making it great for bassy vocals, string instruments, horns, and more! The internal shockmount prevents problematic rumbles from being captured while the isolated components make the Premier R1A feel like you are there in the room with the source material. This is complemented by its figure-8 polar pattern for a more open directional recording experience, giving you two sweet spots in the room for positioning purposes.

Premier R1A's active output components along with the Lundahl 1927A output transformer puts it on par with that of a condenser microphone as the R1A can accept +48V phantom power. Active components not only make it easier to record a variety of sources, but it also makes it very compatible with a variety of microphone preamps as a ribbon mic. The -10dB pad plus high-pass filter offer a great solution for louder and bassier sources, respectively, and the detachable cable makes it great for cable swapping—although, the included Mogami cable with gold-plated Neutrik connectors will sound great in any setting or length. With a high-sensitivity for dynamic sources capable of capturing up to 160dB SPL, the Premier R1A expands upon the great qualities of a ribbon microphone while sporting a stellar price point.

R1A Features

  • Ribbon microphone with discrete amplifier (no IC's)
  • Powered via +48V phantom power with isolated ribbon and make-up gain transformer (Lundahl 1927A)
  • Smooth top-end and extended low-end
  • High sensitivity similar to that of a condenser mic
  • Figure 8 design for wide sweet spots
  • 50mm length and 2 micron thickness with an internal shockmount for the ribbon
  • Selectable high-pass filter and -10dB pad
  • Removable Mogami Neglex Studio Quad XLR cable built with Neutrik gold-plated connectors
  • Type: large ribbon
  • Polar pattern: figure 8
  • Frequency response: 30Hz - 18kHz (+/-3dB)
  • EIN (A-weighted): < 18dB
  • Max SPL: 160dB (with Pad engaged)
  • Dimensions: 69mm x 185mm
  • Weight: 820g
  • Current consumption: 4mA
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