Pro Audio

Professional Audio encompasses everything from mixing, sound recording, and music production to live event production and recording. Unlike their more traditional consumer-grade counterparts, Pro Audio equipment allows for superior sound reproduction with less potential for harmonic distortion.  This means the components comprising each product are more durable, longer lasting, and infinitely more reliable. Additionally, pro audio equipment tends to provide advanced audio processing and control options. 

Pro Audio products comprise a wide range of functionality and consist of things like compressors, mic pres, equalizers, balanced audio interfaces, balanced audio and speaker cables, rack mount devices, power amps, AES/EBU digital audio interfaces, digital audio recording devices, stage monitors, speaker cabinets and enclosures, and even video projection and interface equipment. For those on the market for a comprehensive selection of the best Pro Audio gear, Perfect Circuit has got you covered.

  1. Focal
  2. Hosa
  3. Presonus
  1. 500 Series
  2. 500 Series Racks
  3. Amplifiers
  4. Audio Interfaces
  5. Channel Strips
  6. Conditioners
  7. Control Surfaces
  8. DI - Reamping
  9. Dynamics
  10. Effects
  11. Equalizers
  12. Headphones
  13. Mic Pres
  14. Microphones
  15. Mixers
  16. Monitoring
  17. Monitors
  18. Recorders
  19. Summing
  20. Sync
  1. Headphones

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  1. Clear Professional Headphones
    Focal Clear Professional Headphones

    Arriving Soon We're expecting more shortly!
  2. Spirit One S Headphones
    Focal Spirit One S Headphones

    Arriving Soon We're expecting more shortly!
  3. HDS-100 Stereo Headphones
    Hosa HDS-100 Stereo Headphones

    In Stock Available immediately!
  4. HD-7 Monitoring Headphones
    Presonus HD-7 Monitoring Headphones

    Arriving Soon We're expecting more shortly!

1-4 of 4 items

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