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Make Noise Morphagene

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Make Noise Morphagene

Morphagene, from Make Noise, is not just an upgrade of their iconic Phonogene. It is a whole new way to deal with sampling and audio processing. Recorded audio can be spliced and re-arranged, as well as directionally switched, playing forward and backward. The audio can be Granularized and Layered for thick textures. Sounds can be read off of an SD card or be fed in for live audio processing. With voltage control over every parameter on the module, this is the ultimate sample mangler. 

Morphagene Features

  • Voltage control over all sound manipulation parameters
  • Stereo I/O with Auto Input Leveling
  • Recording Reel can be up to 87 seconds long
  • Record / create up to 99 Splices per Reel
  • SD Cards stores multiple Reels
  • Sound On Sound allows for layering sounds
  • Playback and Recording independent, like having two machines
  • Vari-speed range 12 semitones up and 26 down, over three octaves
  • 24-bit codec, creates 48k 32bit WAV files
  • Back up Reels on computer with SD Card
  • Includes blank SD Card
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  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 20HP
  • Depth: 30mm
  • Current Draw: 165mA@+12V, 20mA@-12V
Product Demo Videos
Make Noise Morphagene Morphs The Perfect Circuit Theme Song
Morphing, mangling and twisting the song from our intro video into something new with the Make Noise Morphagene Eurorack module. CV controls provided by the Harvestman Zorlon Canon MKII and Kermit.
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