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Make Noise XOH

The Make Noise XOH (miX Out Headphone) is a stereo mixer and line-level and headphone output module for Eurorack modular systems. Offering two stereo input channels with dedicated level controls, it is a great way to tie together multiple stereo sources for final output mixing and level conversion (from, say, an X-PAN, or a Mimeophon). It provides dedicated line-level outputs for both left and right channels, as well as a dedicated stereo headphone output with its own level control.

The left input for both A and B channels is normalled to the right input, so mono-to-stereo upmixing is possible. And additionally, the headphone output can act as a line level output with dedicated level control (versus the fixed-gain primary line outputs). Providing a simple solution to the age-old problems of modular stereo mixing and output level control, XOH is a welcome addition to any modular synth.

XOH Features

  • Stereo output module
  • Two channels of stereo input, each with dedicated level controls
  • Stereo line output
  • Stereo headphone output with dedicated level control
  • Overload LED indicator for simple level monitoring
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 24mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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Make Noise XOH
The XOH (miX Out Headphone) music synthesizer module is a stereo mixer, headphone amplifier and output interfacing module for your modular synthesizer. It consists of two stereo input channels with independent level controls, and two stereo outputs: one pair of independent line level left and right outputs at unity gain; and one TRS headphone or line level output with dedicated level control.

- Works well with stereo modules: EV, MG, QPAS, X-PAN, MP
- Two mono/stereo input channels, ChA & ChB
- Independent level controls for ChA & Ch B - Two stereo outputs containing A/Bmix
- Independent unity gain L/R Line Level outputs
- TRS Headphone and Line Level output with level control (same line drive circuit used in the CV Bus Case)
- Adjust Modular Level signals down to Line Level with soft Limiting to protect your ears and line level gear
Make Noise XOH Output Interface Reviews