Walrus AudioCanvas Power 8 Pedal Power Supply + External PSU


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Walrus Audio Canvas Power 8

Compact but still offering enough outlets for a typical pedalboard, the Walrus Audio Canvas Power 8 is equipped to deliver dependable power to eight different pedals. Six of Canvas Power 8's outlets offer 500mA of current at 9V—plenty for even especially power-hungry pedals. The other two outlets provide switchable voltages at 9V, 12V, and 18V, while an auxiliary USB-C port is available for charging your phone or other gadgets that might need to be powered off your board. With the Walrus Audio Canvas Power 8, you've got a slim and reliable unit for powering your beloved pedals with ease.

This version of Canvas Power 8 includes the external power brick, but its possible to chain multiple units together with the 24V Thru output of one into the 24V In of another.

Canvas Power 8 Features

  • Pedalboard power supply
  • Slim housing with ample power packed inside
  • 500mA @ 9V available from all outlets
  • Two outlets with switchable voltage: 9V, 12V, 18V (current divides down)
  • USB-C outlet for charging phones and more
  • External power brick included
  • Supports chainable operation with 24V Thru outlet
  • Mouting kit included
  • Dimensions: 207mm x 54mm x 25.5mm (8.14in x 2.12in x 1in)
  • Power Specs: 24V 48W power brick included
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