Ieaskul F. MobentheyMr. Grassi Mouse Touch Controller + Noise


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Ieaskul F. Mobenthey Mr. Grassi Mouse

Mr. Grassi Mouse from Ieaskul F. Mobenthy is a standalone touch-module for Eurorack synthesizers, providing a capacitive landscape for creative and serendipitous interaction with chaotic voltages. The central touch plates, arranged in a triangular hexagon, connect six square wave oscillations on the outside plates to inner DAC trigger input plates. In connecting an outer plate to an inner plate, a shift register is constructed and employed to create a Rungler. In this classically chaotic circuit coined by Rob Hordijk, combines square wave oscillators in a shift register to create a result that is fed back into the oscillators, creating chaotic and evolving output voltages.

These outputs, one for each of six oscillator-DAC pairs, may be listened to directly or used to control parameters within your patch. As an audio source, Grassi squeals and chirps in pained and scratchy dial-up tones, providing an interesting and noisy voice to your system. As a control voltage generator, Grassi's outputs may be used to control CV-able parameters, and also create random triggers and gates. In keeping with the broader Ciat-Lonbarde milieu in which IFM modules exist, Mr. Grassi is best suited for those interested in exploration, contingent relationships, and surprise, rather than strictly linear relationships between gesture and sound.

Mr. Grassi Mouse Features

  • Touch-controlled Rungler array
  • Useful as noise source and for chaotic CV generation
  • Outer touch plates are square wave oscillator outputs
  • Inner touch plates are DAC trigger inputs
  • Touching an outer plate to an inner plate activates the shift register, producing chaotic CV fluctuations and modem noise on outputs
  • 6 outputs, one for each Rungler
  • TBD
  • Uses +12V power only, current draw TBD
Ieaskul F. Mobenthey Mr. Grassi Mouse Touch Controller + Noise Reviews