Death By AudioOctave Clang V2 Octave-Up Fuzz Pedal


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Death By Audio Octave Clang V2

Sound the alarm! Death By Audio's deliciously destructive Octave Clang V2 delivers a revitalized design of their brutal and character-rich octave up fuzz pedal. Somewhere between a ring mod, distortion, noisy fuzz, and octave shifter, Octave Clang V2 coaxes dangerously distorted tones from any signal you throw into it. While perfect for guitar and bass in heavy musical styles, Octave Clang's harmonically rich effect wonderfully rips apart synths, drum machines, and more.

Deviously discordant tones are accessible in Octave Clang via a simple three knob interface. At the left is a volume control capable of completely silencing the output or sending your signal into overdrive for further breakup. The middle gain control adjusts the amount of overdrive and fuzz, providing up to a whopping +39dB of gain for maximum destruction. Finally, the right-side knob offers a pre-gain tilt-EQ for adjusting the harmonic content being sent into the octave fuzz, sculpting vastly different tones from blown-out, low-end rumble to eviscerating and glassy high-frequency assaults. Independent footswitches for bypass and the octave effect give you further performative options, great for using the fuzz by itself and activating the octave at the perfect moment. For experimental tone-shaping with plenty of DBA-style destructive force, Octave Clang V2 from Death By Audio is a perfect choice.

Octave Clang V2 Features

  • Unique octave-up fuzz effect
  • Supercharged and revitalized update to the original Octave Clang pedal
  • Bypass and octave pedal for use as octave fuzz or fuzz only
  • Volume control adjusts output level from silent to overdriven
  • Gain control adds up to 39dB of gain to generate overdrive and fuzz tones
  • Tone control adds a pre-gain tilt EQ which greatly affects the response of the fuzz and octave for widely varied tones
  • Internal bias control allows for misbiasing the distortion circuit for even more dirt and unconventional breakup
  • Dimensions: 4.8" x 3.7" x 2.1" / 121.9 x 94 x 53.3 mm
  • Power Specs: 9VDC center negative PSU (not included), 10 mA current draw
Death By Audio Octave Clang V2 Octave-Up Fuzz Pedal Reviews