SquarpHermod+ Modular Brain Sequencer + MIDI-CV Converter


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Squarp Hermod+

An evolution of their original powerhouse MIDI and CV sequencer in a compact Eurorack module, Squarp's Hermod+ takes everything that was loved about the original and adds incredible features developed in their Hapax sequencer. Compared to the original Hermod, this new version addresses several points of criticism of the previous model: there's now a larger screen, more powerful hardware, higher recording resolution, and a more interactive interface. But as far as connectivity options, the number of CV channels, and the general workflow are concerned, Hermod+ remains as ready to interface with and translate between a variety of different sources of musical data.

One key feature of Hermod+ is the addition of eight MIDI tracks, on top of the existing eight tracks for CV/Gate sequencing within your modular rig. Now, Hermod+ can take distinct advantage of its MIDI and USB I/O ports to control external hardware synthesizers, software instruments, and controllers. This includes capturing live performances, automation, or making use of the new and improved piano roll with polyphonic sequencing. Thanks to the open-ended nature of Hermod+, the possibilities are practically endless.

Squarp sequencers use a particular workflow, shifting between various views and musical scopes through the use of four different modes. Hermod+ is no exception to this: Step mode is where notes are entered or modified, Effects mode engages up to eight real-time MIDI effects per track, Tracks mode mutes and controls tracks as a whole, and Seq mode allows you to navigate through different stored sequences, sections of a song, or however you like to arrange and organize your musical ideas. Thus, even the simplest of riffs or motifs can be blown up into a continuously evolving performance.

With Hermod+, you can explore the intersection of MIDI and CV in all new ways, controlling your favorite instruments in ways you've never before imagined.

Hermod+ Features

  • Update of the original Hermod
  • Powerful sequencing and MIDI-CV conversion
  • 8x CV/Gate tracks + 8 MIDI tracks
  • 4x CV inputs for external clocks and control voltage recording
  • Higher recording resolution of 96ppqn (pulses per quarter note) for precise timing
  • 4 mode switches: Step, Effects, Track, and Seq
  • 16 pads with multi-mode functionality
  • Piano roll-style sequencer with polyphonic capabilities
  • Dedicated automation lanes for pitch bend, aftertouch, and more
  • Eight real-time effects slots per track
  • Effects include Arpeggiator, Chance, Delay. Euclidean, LFO, Ratchet, Random, and more
  • CV + MIDI Mod Matrix
  • 16 tracks per sequence
  • 16 sequences per project
  • Save + load projects from SD Card
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: 20mm
  • Current draw: Power draw dependent on rear switch setting:
    • External 5V: 20mA @ +12V, 20mA @ -12V, 820mA @ +5V (plus up to an additional 500mA for a connected USB device)
    • Internal 5V: 400mA @ +12V (plus up to an additional 220mA for a connected USB device), 20mA @ -12V
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