DF AudioNanopatch M Desktop Patchbay


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DF Audio Nanopatch M

DF Audio's Nanopatch M is a teeny tiny patch bay, perfect for compact setups that need flexible signal routing, accessibility for otherwise hard to reach connections, and a myriad of other purposes. On the back you'll find 3.5mm connectors for interfacing with your gear, with jacks labeled 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 supporting TRS connections. Rear jacks labeled 2 and 4 and side jacks 6 and 8 allow you to insert mono connections into their respective channels. On the top of Nanopatch M, channels may be freely routed with 3.5mm patch cables—just as you'd use with Eurorack and semi-modular synthesizers. Side-mounted DIP switches allow you to configure normalizations as desired, giving you even more flexibility for your setup. With the Nanopatch M, it's never been easier to get creative with signal routing.

Nanopatch M Features

  • Compact desktop patchbay
  • 3.5mm jacks for connections
  • TRS connections on paired inputs
  • DIP switches to enable normalization
  • Compatible with both audio and CV signals
  • Dimensions: 76 mm x 70 mm x 22 mm
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DF Audio Nanopatch M Desktop Patchbay Reviews