Verbos ElectronicsProducer Configuration Modular Synthesizer

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Verbos Electronics Producer Configuration

Selecting a set of their modules for those who frequent the studio, the Verbos Electronics Producer Configuration is a densely packed Eurorack system providing extensive potential for crafting and refining sounds. Although it was designed with studio use in mind, the system comes installed in a compact, powered case exclusively made for these Verbos systems, and could easily be taken to a gig as part of a live set.

The Producer Configuration unifies a selection of sound generators, audio processors, and extensively flexible control voltage generators into one immensely powerful synthesizer package. Beginning with both the Harmonic Oscillator and Foundation Oscillator, these two oscillators offer compelling sounds on their own, but in tandem can function as one unique complex oscillator capable of immense texture. Amp & Tone serves as a pseudo lowpass gate, or discrete filter and VCA sections. Further dimension can be added to your sounds through the Multi-Delay Processor and Scan & Pan, through time-domain processing and spatialization. In the lower row, Voltage Multistage, Sequence Selector, Multi Envelope, Control Voltage Processor, and Random Sampling offer powerful sequencing, signal routing, LFO and envelope generation, mixing, slew limiting, and even more through clever patching.

Perfect for the synthesists and sound artists that are at home in the studio, the Producer Configuration by Verbos Electronics is a powerful platform for casting off on explorative sound voyages.

Producer Configuration Features

  • Verbos modular system designed for producers and recording artists
  • Flexible sound generator combo: Harmonic Oscillator and Foundation Oscillator
  • Amp & Tone provides the shaping of level and timbre
  • Powerful time effects found in Multi-Delay Processor
  • Noise and fixed filtering in Noise & Filter
  • Scan & Pan provides compact and powerful mixing potential
  • Voltage Multistage provides sequencing, with even more power accessed in tandem with Sequence Selector
  • Parallel envelope generation in Multi-Envelope
  • CV manipulation via Control Voltage Processor
  • Shift regsiters, fluctuating random, and more courtesy of Random Sampling
  • Custom Verbos exclusive case with built-in power supply
    • Complete Eurorack modular system
    • 6U case with 208HP
    • Dimensions: TBD
    • Weight: TBD
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