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Verbos ElectronicsFoundation Oscillator


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Verbos Electronics Foundation Oscillator

Inspired by the Music Easel Complex Oscillator, the Verbos Foundation Oscillator is a pared-down oscillator that provides the West Coast richness that Verbos is famous for. The oscillator is a discrete transistor based core, the same found on Verbos's larger oscillators. In addition to the triangle and square waves output straight from the oscillator core, there are three shaped outputs. The richness and timbre controls impart harmonic interest to the waveforms and alter the waveshapes. The richness control multiplies the saw, square, and pulse waves and gives the sound of another oscillator in hard sync with the core of the oscillator. The timbre control fades between sine and the richer multiplied waveform. The Foundation Oscillator features 1V/Oct input, plus frequency, richness, and timbre CV inputs with attenuverters. While it is a relatively pared-down oscillator, it provides a wealth of complexity and interest at its outputs.

Foundation Oscillator Features

  • Transistor-core oscillator
  • Triangle and square outputs
  • Three shaped outputs
  • Richness multiplies the waveforms
  • Timbre fades from sines to the more shaped waveforms
  • Spike waveform found on Buchla Music Easel
  • Attenuverters on all CV inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: TBD
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Product Demo Videos
Foundation Oscillator | Timbre and Richness Overview
Like its predecessors, the Harmonic Oscillator and the Complex Oscillator, Foundation Oscillator adds a completely new method of synthesis to the product line. Containing 2 unaffected waveforms (triangle and square) and 3 waveforms within the "Harmonics" section, a wide range of sonic possibilities are easily achieved with an easily digested, clear set of controls.

In this video, we explore the "Timbre" and "Richness" of the Harmonics section. In short, "timbre" allows the 3 waveforms to cross-fade between Sine and their intended waveform (as the graphic suggests) while richness provides a new form of wave multiplying which has proven to give the effect of a VCO in hard sync.
Verbos Electronics Foundation Oscillator Reviews