Verbos ElectronicsRandom Sampling


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Verbos Random Sampling

Inspired by the Buchla 265 & 266 and the legendary ASR Fortune module, the Verbos Electronics Random Sampling module adds uncertainty and randomness to any flavor of Eurorack modular synthesizer patch. The module features two fluctuating random outputs with dedicated CV inputs for controlling the fluctuation speed. Additionally, there’s a random gate output that loosely follows the fluctuating voltages, though it can still produce some singularly surprising results.

The module’s features do not stop there. A quantized random voltage section provides stepped random voltages with selectable number of random "options," allowing users to hone in on exactly how random the outputs should be. If all that isn’t enough, there’s also an analog shift register on board that brings four phases of a chained sample and hold. The sample and hold is also able to be used as four separate S&H channels and makes the module even more prone to sonic unpredictability.

Random Sampling Features

  • Two Channels of variously shifting Random Control Voltage
  • Random Gate output for each channel
  • CV inputs for fluctuating random speed control
  • Quantized random voltages for stepped waveforms
  • Quad Analog Shift Register
  • Four independent Sample and Holds
  • Noise Source with White, Pink and "Metallic" noise
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