Verbos ElectronicsPerformer Configuration Modular Synthesizer

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Verbos Electronics Performer Configuration

Ready to gig right out of the box, the Verbos Performance Configuration is an ideal Eurorack platform for embarking on journeys in timbre and rhythm through your live sets. Housed in a sleek case designed exclusively for their systems, this fully loaded modular system offers a premium selection of Verbos modules grouped together for their extensive potential as part of a live performance instrument. In fact, this system is the core of Mark Verbos' own setup for his live sets.

Containing some of the most revered Verbos modules, the Performance Configuration reads like a supergroup lineup. Both the Harmonic Oscillator and Complex Oscillator provide their distinct sound palettes, with a dedicated Amp & Tone installed next to each module for further shaping in timbre and volume. Scan & Pan provides capabilities for not just mixing and panning multiple signals, but also scanning, a sort of multi-channel crossfading addressable with manual or voltage control, and is a prevalent feature on many other Verbos modules for coaxing interesting timbres and workflows out of otherwise unassuming modules. Wildly flexible control voltage generation and manipulation options abound in the bottom row, boasting Voltage Multistage, Sequence Selector, Control Voltage Processor, Multi Envelope, and Random Sampling for a wealth of dynamic, responsive control methods.

The Performance Configuration is a stellar representation of modern West Coast ideologies, and would be a superb fit for any electronic musician interested in a hand-on approach to synthesis.

Performer Configuration Features

  • Curated collection of Verbos modules with an eye towards live performance
  • Harmonic Oscillator and Complex Oscillator provide versatile sonic possibilities
  • Two Amp & Tone allow for shaping in level and spectrum
  • Scan & Pan allows for clever mixing and spatialization
  • Powerful sequencing from Voltage Multistage, expanded with Sequence Selector
  • Fluctuating voltages, shift register, noise, and more from Random Sampling
  • CV manupulation with Control Voltage Processor
  • Contour generation by Multi-Envelope
  • Use the included Multiples to split signals or perform logical mixing on gate signals within the Verbos system
  • Custom case crafted in Berlin
  • Power supply included
    • Complete Eurorack modular system
    • 6U case with 208HP
    • Dimensions: TBD
    • Weight: TBD
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