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Verbos Complex Oscillator

The Complex Oscillator by Verbos Electronics is a Buchla 259-style complex oscillator intended to be the master oscillator for any Eurorack system. The module features a voltage-controlled waveshaper, and a modulation oscillator useful for AM or FM style synthesis. Each modulation waveshape has a dedicated output: saw, square, and triangle.

Additionally, the modulation index is under full voltage control. Using CV and the dedicated attenuators, users can cause the master output to shift from sine to square to saw to folded sine for a variety of rich and interesting timbres.

Each oscillator boasts a triangle core and discrete exponential converters. There are also separate inputs on each for both linear and exponential FM, as well as two 1V/Oct CV inputs.

Complex Oscillator Features

  • Complex Dual Oscillator Module
  • Modulation Oscillator Frequency Range: 1 Cycle per minute to 500Hz (from panel “Frequency” control)
  • Modulation Oscillator Waveform Outputs: Triangle, Square, and Sawtooth
  • Master Oscillator Frequency Range: 3Hz to 20kHz (from panel “Frequency” Control)
  • Master Oscillator Waveform Outputs: Triangle, Square, Sine, and Master (feeds from a more complex waveshaping circuit)
  • Buchla 259-style wavefolder/shaper
  • Modulation bus with Toggle Switch to select AM, FM, or OFF and another Toggle Switch for modulation source waveform
  • Modulation Oscillator can soft sync to the Master Oscillator, creating useful variation in frequency and amplitude modulated tones
  • Eurorack Module
  • 32 HP Width
  • 26mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 70mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Complex Oscillator | Master Section Overview
To demonstrate the sonic range of the Complex Oscillators Master section, a simple patch was created utilizing its various CV inputs. "c.v. a" and "c.v. b" from the Voltage Multistage handled the "timbre" and "mod index" CV while a gate output from the Voltage Multistage was sent into the Multi-Envelope to control the "low/high" order harmonics input.
Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator Reviews