Verbos ElectronicsBark Filter Fixed Filter Bank


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Verbos Bark Filter

Inspired by the classic Buchla 296 Programmable Spectral Processor, the Verbos Electronics Bark Filter is a 12-band fixed filter bank for use in Eurorack modular synthesizer systems. Each band features an independent output and envelope follower. There’s also a voltage-controlled mixer that is useful for fine-tuning the output signals. The mixer features sliders, CV inputs, and center, width, and tilt controls that allow for even more intuitive scanning and mixing options. For example, the filter can be patched so that its even envelope followers control the levels of the odd, causing the filter to behave in a manner similar to a vocoder.

Bark Filter Features

  • 12 Band fixed filter bank
  • Individual filter outputs
  • Envelope follower per band
  • Odd and Even filter outputs
  • Frequency Scan and Spectral Tilt
  • Input gain control
    • Eurorack Module
    • Width: 34HP
    • Depth: 30mm
    • Current Draw: 210mA@+12v, 185mA@-12v
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    Product Demo Videos
    Verbos Bark Filter demo
    The Bark Filter Processor is a 12 band fixed filter bank with individual outputs and envelope followers on each band as well as a voltage controlled mixer for blending the outputs. The filters are steep, 6th order bandpass filters with yellow LEDs indicating the level at the envelope followers’ outputs. The voltage controlled mixer has sliders and individual CV ins and draws the, “center”, “width” and “tilt” controls from the Harmonic Oscillator allow- ing the fixed filters to be scanned across blended and mixed in various ways, all at the same time. The even and odd filters can be patched in and out separately and one side’s followers can control the other side’s levels like a vocoder.
    Bark Filter Processor | Soundscape Processor
    Containing 12 fixed, ultra steep 6th order bandpass filters, the Bark Filter Processor has the ability to extract a wide-array of artifacts & tones from the input signal - especially with the use of its scanning circuitry (also seen on the Harmonic Oscillator)
    For this video, we put together a special 208 HP system to showcase the Bark Filter Processor generating and processing
    A harmonically rich signal from the Complex Oscillator was sent to the Bark Filter which was then, further processed through the Multi-Delay Processor which was on atmospheric and complex feedback duties. Borrowed from videos like LFO control I & II, the Voltage Multistage was used as a complex LFO generator which was controlling the “center” position of the scanning section.
    Further, a key focus of this patch was the use of heavy handed, manual manipulation of the panel controls, since the Bark Filter was only “allowed” to pass through a narrow band of signal, it responded well to extreme adjustments of the sounds. The end result yielding a perfect soundscape for any horror film.
    Verbos Electronics Bark Filter Fixed Filter Bank Reviews