FocusriteScarlett 2i2 3rd Gen USB Audio Interface


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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen

When you're getting started with home recording or podcasting, getting the right gear is a critical step: it's important that you have reliable gear in order to build a reliable workflow. Of course, one of the most important pieces of any modern recording workflow is the audio interface—the tool that allows you to get sound from microphones and instruments into your computer for recording. And while there's a world of interfaces available, some of our long-standing favorites are from the Focusrite Scarlett series—and out of all their offerings, the Scarlett 2i2 is one of the best starting points for building any sort of recording setup. So whether you're putting together a home studio for your own musical productions, or looking to get your podcast or Twitch channel off the ground, the 2i2 is a trustworthy interface designed to provide studio-quality sound at a great price.

Now part of the workflow of thousands of creators worldwide, Focusrite's Scarlett 2i2 is one of the most trusted desktop audio interfaces on the planet. And best of all, Focusrite has taken their years of focused energy in interface development and produced their best-sounding interfaces yet: the 3rd Generation Scarlett interfaces are simply the greatest combination of affordability and quality that they've produced to date.

Scarlett 2i2 is a two-input, two-output USB audio interface with everything you need to get high-quality sound into and out of your computer—just add headphones, monitors, and your mic/instrument of choice and you're ready to start tracking. Each of the two inputs features a combo XLR/TRS input, great for use with microphones, synths, keyboards, drum machines—and, with a press of the "Instrument" button, it can even work with electric guitars, basses, and more. Each input channel also features an LED ring around its Gain control, helping you easily visualize your signal so that you can be sure things come in at the perfect signal level. Engage the "Air" control for adding a bit of extra high-end sparkle to your sound—great for capturing crystal-clear vocals, guitar, or anything else that you want to stand out in your mix. These inputs also feature switchable phantom power, making it easy to use with condenser microphones, active dynamic microphones, and more.

The Scarlett 2i2 has two dedicated audio outputs for your studio monitors of choice, with a large front-panel dial providing easy control of your outgoing volume. The front panel also has an individual headphone output with its own dedicated level control—so you can mute your monitors and listen in headphones while tracking, making it easy to record vocals or other instruments without bleed from your monitors. It also has a direct monitoring control, which allows you to either monitor a combination of your computer's output and the direct signal inputs with zero latency.

Designed to pack all of the functionality you need for a home studio or computer-centric performance setup, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is hands-down one of the best values in a compact audio interface available today. With two excellent-sounding preamps appropriate for all sorts of microphones or instruments, easy setup via USB, and all the most important controls right at your fingertips, it's an ideal first interface for any musician. Whether you're recording vocals or guitar—whether you're using Pro Tools or Garageband or any other DAW—whether you're looking for the new center of your studio or a trustworthy, compact interface for the road, the Scarlett 2i2 is simply one of the best interfaces available.

Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen Features

  • 2-in/2-out USB audio interface for Mac or PC
  • Two simultaneous inputs with 3rd generation Scarlett preamps
  • Simple level meters for each input make it easy to dial in your sound
  • Each input accepts mic, line, or instrument-level signals
  • AIR setting for each input adds high-end sparkle and clarity
  • Studio-quality recording—up to 192kHz / 24-bit
  • Dedicated monitor and headphone outputs with independent level controls
  • Direct monitoring option for zero-latency performance
  • Easy setup gets you recording in no time
  • USB bus powered
  • USB-C connection for easy interfacing with iPad Pro
  • Includes USB-C to USB-A cable for use with 
  • Software included with Focusrite’s Hitmaker Expansion:
    • Antares® Auto-Tune® Access
    • Relab LX480 Essentials
    • Softube® Marshall® Silver Jubilee 2555
    • XLN Audio® Addictive Keys
    • XLN Audio Addictive Drums 2
    • Three Month Splice Sounds Subscription
    • Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC
    • Focusrite Red Plug-In Suite
    • Ableton® Live Lite
    • Three-month Avid Pro Tools Artist subscription + Complete Plugin Bundle
    • Two-month subscription to Landr Studio, plus five free masters to be redeemed at any time!
  • Analog inputs: 2x XLR/TRS combo jacks (with mic, instrument, and line level support)
  • Audio Outputs: Two balanced monitor outputs
  • Headphone output: 1/4" TRS
  • Computer connection: USB2.0 via USB-C
  • Audio quality: Up to 192kHz/24-bit
Product Demo Videos
Focusrite Scarlett - Never Stop Creating // Focusrite
Scarlett is known as the interface of the people — Scarlett interfaces have found their way into millions of home and professional studios and have enabled musicians, songwriters, and producers to record, mix and playback audio worldwide. Scarlett is easy to use and is backed by Focusrite’s unparalleled customer experience and know-how — it’s a force to be reckoned with.
Getting Started Recording a Song with Scarlett and Hitmaker Expansion // Focusrite
In this video, John from Focusrite shows you how to set up a session in Ableton Live Lite which is also included with all Scarlett interfaces. He then starts to lay a foundation for the song using XLN Audio’s Addictive Keys and Addictive Drums 2.

Throughout this six-video-series, John will be using his Scarlett Solo and the plug-ins included with Hitmaker Expansion to build a track from scratch, taking a rough song idea to a polished mix.

The Hitmaker Expansion is Focusrite’s software package which includes industry leading plug-ins and virtual instruments that allows you to create studio quality vocals, powerful guitars, luscious keys, and huge drums, then mix and master with iconic Focusrite studio hardware – all in the box. Hitmaker Expansion includes:

• Auto-Tune Access
• Relab LX480 Essentials
• Softube Marshall Silver Jubilee 2555
• XLN Addictive Keys
• XLN Addictive Drums 2
• Brainworx bx_oberhausen
• Brainworx bx_console Focusrite SC
• Focusrite Red Plug-In Suite
• Brainworx bx_masterdesk
Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen - Overview // Focusrite
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