Avantone ProMP1 Studio Headphones

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Avantone Pro MP1 Studio Headphones

The Avantone Pro MP1 Mixphones are a stellar set of headphones well-suited to everything from personal listening and DJ-ing to critical mixing. With a wealth of features uncommon in the average headphones, MP1 provides unique critical perspectives on your sound, making them a great companion for any mixing setup.

The MP1 Mixphones offer three modes of operation: stereo, mono, and Mix. Stereo mode offers clean, clear translation of the incoming sound, while Mono mode sums your left and right channels—great for testing the mono compatibility of your mix. The Mix mode, on the other hand, emulates the behavior of Avantone's MixCube monitors: emphasizing critical midrange frequencies in a manner much like consumer earbuds or smartphone speakers. By emulating the behavior of some of the most common listening conditions, this helps you to make a well-balanced mix that will play well with virtually any playback system.

Best of all, the MP1s are designed with comfort in mind: their pivoting ear cups and plentiful padding make it easy to go for long stretches of listening without physical fatigue. If you're looking for comfortable, clear, and honest mixing headphones, these will be perfect for you.

MP1 Studio Headphones Features

  • General-purpose headphones great for DJing, live sound, and studio recording/mixing
  • Selectable stereo, mono, and custom "mix" modes for a variety of listening purposes
  • Robust construction with comfortable padding and pivoting phone design
  • Frequency response: 18Hz–25kHz
  • Weight: .55kg
Avantone Pro MP1 Studio Headphones Reviews