YamahaHS5 Powered Studio Monitor

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Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

The process of mixing requires a reliable reference—a way to be sure that what you're hearing is an honest, direct translation of your mixing decisions. This requires a neutral set of studio monitors, which, regrettably, can be difficult to find in a price range that suits up-and-coming producers or other musicians with home studios. However, Yamaha has changed this with the HS5: a reliable, clear studio monitor that fits any studio budget.

Descended from Yamaha's NS10M, the HS5 follows Yamaha's legacy of brutally honest studio monitors: what you hear is the distinct reality of your mix. This makes it perfect for everything from mixing to personal listening—everything comes through crisp, clear, and uncolored.

HS5 is a powered monitor, making it easy to connect to any studio. Its bi-amped design provides 45W of power to the 5" cone woofer and 25W to the 1" dome tweeter, ensuring plenty of power to create a clear listening experience at any level from soft to loud. With a flat frequency response from 54Hz to 30kHz, it accurately covers the majority of the audible frequency spectrum—to add more low-frequency extension to its performance, it can also easily be paired with Yamaha's HS8S powered studio subwoofer.

HS5 features XLR and TRS/TS inputs, perfect for connecting directly to virtually any unpowered mixer or audio interface. Its rear panel level control, Room Control, and High Trim adjustments make it a breeze to adjust its performance to suit your space—so even if you're mixing in a suboptimal environment, you can tweak it to work for your space.

A trustworthy pair of monitors is one of the most critical pieces of any studio, big or small. The process of choosing can be daunting when there are so many options out there—but from our perspective, Yamaha's reputation for top-of-the-line monitors is well-deserved, and the HS5 proves that it's very possible to get a reliable set of studio monitors even on a project studio budget. If you're looking for a pair of monitors that forces you to step up your game, HS5 is one of the best deals you'll find on a quality set of reference monitors.

HS5 Features

  • Latest generation of Yamaha's famously honest, transparent studio monitors
  • Clean, accurate reponse from 54Hz–30kHz
  • Powered design for easy integration into any studio setup
  • Trustworthy, unbiased audio performance that fits even a modest project studio budget
  • 5" cone woofer with 1" dome tweeter
  • 2-way bi-amped design with 45W LF amplification and 25W HF amplification
  • Dedicated level control, Room Control, and High Trim adjustments for tailoring response to your listening environment
  • XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs
  • 1/4" input can also accept unbalanced TS connections
  • Pairs beautifully with Yamaha's HS8S powered studio subwoofer
  • Available in black or white color scheme
  • Speaker type: 2-way bi-amp powered studio monitor
  • Frequency range: (-10dB) 54Hz - 30kHz
  • Components: LF 5" cone, HF 1" dome
  • Crossover: 2kHz
  • Output power: 70W (LF:45W, HF:25W)
  • I/O connectors: XLR3-31 type (balanced), PHONE (balanced)
  • Power consumption: 45W
  • Shape: Bass-reflex type
  • Cabinet material: MDF
  • Dimensions: W 170mm (6.7"), H 285mm (11.2"), D 222mm (8.7")
  • Net weight 5.3kg (11.7 lbs.)
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