Expert SleepersFH-2 Factotum USB MIDI Host + MIDI-CV


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Expert Sleepers FH-2 Factotum

The Expert Sleepers FH-2 Factotum is the successor to the FH-1 USB MIDI host, adding the possibility to operate as a USB MIDI device. Like its predecessor, the module lets users hook up a MIDI controller to their modular synthesizer to generate a variety of control signals, but now also acts as a configurable MIDI to CV converter when connected to computer.

In addition to converting MIDI CC into CV, the module features configurable LFOs on every output, polyphonic capabilities, and much more. Compared to the FH-1, FH-2 features some compelling improvements. For one, it now has a 0.91" OLED display, like that of Expert Sleepers' General CV, for precise visual indication. Its clock generation and synchrnization has been vastly improved, as has its arpeggiator. Far more than just a simple host or MIDI-CV converter, the FH-2 features a myriad of signal generation possibilities that take it from the realm of simple MIDI-CV modules and turn it into a powerful performance interface compatible with any Eurorack setup.

FH-2 Features

  • MIDI-to-CV converter
  • Polyphonic and MPE operation
  • USB MIDI host and USB MIDI device
  • Supports 5-pin DIN MIDI signals via MIDI breakout
  • Clock generator
  • Accepts MIDI clock, analog clock
  • Generates clock based on manual value entry or tap tempo
  • LFO generator, including tempo-synced LFOs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 48mm Depth
  • Current Draw: 118mA @ +12V, 48mA @ -12V
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Expert Sleepers FH-2 Factotum USB MIDI Host + MIDI-CV Reviews