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TRS MIDI type A? TRS MIDI type B? It doesn't matter, the MIDIXO from XOXO Modular is a converter and MIDI router that allows you to configure TRS MIDI signals. There are two primary TRS MIDI types: type A (used by Akai, Make Noise, and Korg), and Type B (used by Malekko, Novation, and Arturia). On their own, these two styles can't be used together, as the connections are not the same. But that's where MIDIXO comes in.

In the most basic setup, the MIDIXO is a MIDI TRS Type-A to MIDI TRS Type-B converter, or vice versa. Plug a TRS MIDI jack into the top, change the switches to be opposite of each other, and the MIDI type is changed from A to B or B to A. It can also be used as a TRS MIDI breakout for Expert Sleepers modules such as FH-2, General CV, or Disting Mk4. When used with the Disting, it can act as a MIDI thru connection for MIDI-based algorithms. When not in an algorithm that uses MIDI, it reverts back to a TRS A/B switcher, without having to reconfigure the jumpers or ribbon cables. In addition it can be used as a TRS MIDI to 5-pin DIN MIDI converter using Expert Sleepers MIDI Breakout.

This module is a great little utility to have if you use a mix of TRS MIDI types, or if you have some Expert Sleepers modules in your rack.

MIDIXO Features

  • TRS A/B converter and MIDI breakout
  • Convert TRS MIDI A to B or B to A
  • Works as a MIDI breakout for Expert Sleepers modules such as the FH-2, Disting Mk4, and General CV
  • MIDI thru with Disting Mk4
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 2hp
  • Depth: 17mm
  • Current draw: Passive
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