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Verbos ElectronicsDesigner Configuration Modular Synthesizer

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Verbos Electronics Designer Configuration

Combining sequenced, generative, and gestural methods of control, the Verbos Designer Configuration is a Eurorack system curated for drones, sound design, or anyone interested in exploring experimental sound. Grouped together in a specially designed case and power supply exclusive to these Verbos systems, this exploratory instrument is immediately ready to embark on sonic excursions.

Selected for their versatility in dynamically evolving patches, the modules found in the Designer Configuration represent both the breadth of capability found in the individual modules and their increased utility when combined with others through clever patching. The pairing of the Harmonic Oscillator with Amp & Tone offers a tactile melding of additive and subtractive synthesis methods. Random Sampling not only offers random voltages and burst generators, but also provides some noise sources for injecting alternative sound palettes into your patches. The highly flexible Multi-Delay Processor and Scan & Pan are a powerful combo well equipped for painting your sounds across the tapestries of time and space. In the bottom row of control voltage generators and processors, the centerpiece is surely the Mini Horse touch controller, but the extensive potential for CV manipulation is immediately clear upon patching it up with the Sequence Selector, Multi Envelope, and Control Voltage Processor.

Whether you see yourself more often passionately crafting sounds in a studio environment or conjuring drones and textures live, the Designer Configuration from Verbos Electronics is a modular system that rewards direct interaction with compelling sonic spectacles.

Designer Configuration Features

  • Selection of Verbos modules geared towards sound design and experimentation
  • Harmonic Oscillator provides the sonic foundation of this system
  • Amp & Tone facilitates timbre and level changes
  • Random Sampling provides random voltages, noise, burst generation, and more
  • Explore the manipulation of time with Multi-Delay Processor
  • Scan & Pan allows for the mixing and stereo positioning of parallel audio streams
  • Sequence Selector affords sequencing, CV routing, and more
  • Modulations abound with Multi-Envelope
  • Direct gestural control and stored voltages via Mini Horse
  • Manipulate other CV signals with Control Voltage Processor
  • Two Multiples offer signal splitting or logical OR mixing of gate signals
  • Custom Verbos case with built-in power supply
    • Complete Eurorack modular system
    • 6U case with 208HP
    • Dimensions: TBD
    • Weight: TBD
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