Rhythm Series

The Rhythm Series of systems is an evolution of the drum machine concept into the modular ecosystem, offering precise, repeatable rhythmic control and enormously flexible opportunities for progressive sound design.

Built around some of the most interesting modules for percussive sound generation, this series employs physical modeling, sample-based techniques, granular synthesis, additive synthesis, wavetables, and more to create a set of machines capable of completely unique, new sounds. Capable of tight, repetitive rhythms, evolving polyrhythms, aleatoric gestures, and anything in between, these systems also break beyond the typical rhythmic structures that drum machines impose, promoting the creation of intricate, detailed rhythms impossible to execute on a TR-808 or TR-909. And of course, these systems open up to all of the amazing options that every modular synthesizer affords: extensive options for dynamic control of individual sounds, for “repurposing” individual modules to perform “unintended” functions, and more, all with no MIDI automation required.

For musicians who have a keen interest in sound design and rhythm and are ready to exceed the confines of their drum machines and DAWs, the Rhythm Series is a perfect gateway into the creative wellspring of modular synthesis.




The Rhythm Series Deluxe system is a modular drum machine for the 21st century. Embracing progressive synthesis techniques such as physical modeling, granular synthesis, additive synthesis, and more, this system breaks past the 808 and 909 paradigm to provide a truly modern-sounding workstation. With a host of powerful synthesis and control options, this is an ideal instrument for developing entire tracks, complete with percussion, synth sounds, sound effects, and more.

The Malekko Varigate 8+ and Voltage Block provide a powerful battery of gates and control voltages, keeping the system under tight rhythmic control. Create intricate polyrhythms, grinding glitches, random ratcheting—and take advantage of the ability to store and recall patterns on the fly: take this synth out of the studio and into your performances.

A formidable tool for rhythmic music and advanced sound design built for both the studio and the stage, the Rhythm Series deluxe firmly proves that modular synths have the capacity to push the boundaries of dance music and sound design.



The Rhythm Series Expanded system is a rhythmic synth and drum machine that provides everything needed for a powerful system while still allowing room for expansion. Offering many forms of synthesis, this system invites users to experiment with new sounds while developing an instrument that becomes uniquely their own over time.

Including forward-thinking modules from industry leaders Noise Engineering, Intellijel, ALM Busy Circuits, Malekko, and more, this system offers techniques from additive synthesis, physical modeling, wavetables, and beyond to create a drum machine/workstation that breaks free from a single sound-world, offering deeply organic sounds as well as glitchy, intense bursts and everything in between.

And of course, the essence of modular is to make an unique, one-of-a-kind instrument: this system is ideal for anyone looking to hit the ground running with modular synths and edgy, experimental sounds in a rhythmic context while maintaining the ability to expand to suit their own needs.



The Rhythm Series Standard system the most ideal instrument for progressive sound design-based rhythmic music that we could imagine in 104hp. Housed in a Make Noise skiff, this system offers everything needed for a portable, powerful synth/drum machine capable of a vast array of unique sounds.

This system offers powerful sound production, featuring Noise Engineering’s Basimilus Iteritas Alter additive percussion voice, Intellijel’s Plonk physical modeling workstation, WMD’s Chimera granular-based metallic percussion voice, and Erica’s Pico Drums two-voice sample-based drum module. Between these, nearly limitless sonic boundaries emerge. Paired with powerful modulation and sequencing options from Malekko, ALM, WMD/SSF, and Qu-Bit, this system encourages experimental animation of sonic colors to take these already amazing sound sources to new, unheard extremes.

With all the tools needed for making everything from tight, edgy rhythms to generative soundscapes, this system is an excellent addition to any studio or live setup.



The Rhythm Series Intermediate system is a perfect setup for anyone looking to start a modest Eurorack system for rhythmic music while maintaining room to expand as they see fit. Offering some of the most interesting percussion modules currently available, this system immediately provides access to vast sound design as well as progressive methods of sequencing that enable intuitive programming of evolving sequences, random grooves, and more.

With five independent voices and ample modulation opportunities, this system packs a huge range of sounds into a small footprint: one-shot sample playback, physical modeling for percussive and melodic sounds, metallic granular synthesis, intense additive bursts, and more. All under control of the Malekko Varigate 4+, WMD/SSF ModBox, and 2hp Seq, this system is powerful on its own: but with 40hp of free space, it is ready to expand into the instrument its owner needs.



The Rhythm Series Core system is a powerful percussive and melodic synthesizer with a tiny footprint. Housed in the discreet Erica Synths 42hp Pico Case, this system features modules carefully curated to guarantee a wide range of sonic options despite its small size.

Featuring Noise Engineering’s Basimilus Iteritas Alter additive synth voice, Applied Acoustics Systems and Intellijel’s Plonk duophonic physical modeling synth, and the Erica Synths Pico Drums duophonic one-shot sample player under control of the Malekko Varigate 4+ probabilistic gate and voltage sequencer, this system demonstrates that a drum machine does not have to take the form of an 808 to be effective. Excellent for anything from ambient soundscapes to blistering blasts and tight grooves, this system provides opportunity for deeply exploring progressive sound design within a rhythmic context. Great for musicians looking to start out with Eurorack modular synthesizers, this system is a modern producer’s dream.