Perfect Circuit Systems are complete Eurorack modular synths that serve specific musical needs at a variety of price points. Curated by performing artists and studio musicians, these systems can act as performance instruments, expansions to a studio rig, or as starting points on any modular journey.

Divided into several series inspired by specific patching styles and genres, these synths are a great way to expand a setup or to find new sources of inspiration. Each series contains systems at several price points, enabling artists to find a synth that matches their aesthetic inspiration and their budget. Every system comes pre-assembled and includes plenty of patch cables, allowing new synthesists to hit the ground running with their new instruments. All excellent jumping-off points, these systems are a warm gesture from us to everyone interested in discovering the vast, uncharted sonic terrain that modular synthesis offers.


West Coast Series

experimental · distinct · deep

The West Coast series honors the otherworldly sounds and exotic ethos of Buchla and Serge modular systems. Hugely flexible and multifaceted, these synths pack enormous functionality into small packages and are ideal for adventurous experimental music that values organic analog tone. Audio paths include complex dual oscillators, dynamic waveshaping, lowpass gates, and extensive options for deep modulation; control sources provide multi-purpose slope generators, cycling envelopes, and the West Coast method’s characteristic embrace of uncertainty. Curated with a broad range of artists in mind, these systems are perfect for performers and studio musicians inspired by the sweeping arpeggios of Suzanne Ciani and Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith to the rich soundscapes of Morton Subotnick and Todd Barton.


East Coast Series

melodic · traditional · playable

The East Coast series is built around classic subtractive synthesis techniques pioneered in legendary synths such as the Moog modular, Moog Minimoog Model D, ARP 2600, Korg MS20, and more. With rich sound sources, colorful filters, and powerful sequencers, these systems are excellent for exploring classic analog signal paths with the flexibility of modular patching. Inspired by the music of synth legends like Wendy Carlos, Keith Emerson, Giorgio Moroder, and more, these synths are ideal for musicians looking to dive into modular synthesis with an emphasis on tonal music and robust analog tone. For everything from driving Berlin-school sequences, dense drones, prog melodies and fusion leads to new-age arpeggios, these systems bring analog sound to countless styles.


Rhythm Series

punchy · intricate · flexible

The Rhythm series is a reimagining of the classic drum machine, expanded to promote detailed, personal sound design and intricate rhythms difficult to produce on classic gear or in a DAW. Well beyond the capabilities of a TR-808 or TR-909, these systems celebrate some of the most forward-thinking means of sound production and sequencing currently available. Featuring sophisticated sequencers, ample modulation, and flexible percussive sound sources, these systems leverage sample-based techniques, physical modeling, additive synthesis, wavetables, and more to create drum machines that sound like nothing before them. Providing a way to leave the DAW behind and find new ways to create, these systems are ideal for any musician making rhythmic music with a heavy emphasis on unique sound design.


G͢l̕it̀c̸h ̶S̴e͡ri̸es

unpredicatble · harsh · digital

The Glitch series embraces unique forms of digital sound-making, providing novel synthesis methods that promote extreme treatment. Inspired by the multitude of bizarre synthesis methods and aesthetic of malfunction that emerged in the 80’s and ‘90s as digital synths and computers came into common use, these systems are for musicians seeking to exploit peculiar synthesis methods to make edgy drones, sputtery soundscapes, and grinding, aliasing noise. Featuring thru-zero FM, crude physical modeling, wavetable and granular synthesis, and more, this series is a sampling of digital synthesis methods with a modular workflow. Excellent for everything from Autechre-style intricate rhythms to The Hub’s experimental noise, these systems highlight progressive digital synthesis under voltage control.