East Coast Series

In the ‘60s and ‘70s, musicians and engineers came together to build the instruments of the future. One such engineer was Dr. Robert Moog, whose approach was retroactively named “East Coast” synthesis.

Perfect Circuit’s East Coast series of systems pays tribute to the early history of analog synthesizers, providing complete tool sets for creating the classic sounds of "East Coast" synthesis—the sounds of Wendy Carlos, Keith Emerson, Giorgio Moroder, Tangerine Dream, and more. Based on the subtractive architecture from classic synths as the Moog Minimoog Model D, the ARP 2600, Oberheim SEM, and more, each system’s core is comprised of two key elements: oscillators and filters. The oscillators offer multiple harmonically rich waveforms, and the filters provide means to carve into the oscillators’ sonic granite. The filter is in many ways the center of an East Coast voice, imparting its own unique sonic identity onto the sounds that pass through it. Clean, fast-response VCAs and ADSR envelope generators offer a variety of articulations from quick clicks and ringing bell tones to long, swelling leads.

Well-suited for sequencer and keyboard control, these systems are ideal for musicians looking to explore modular synthesis while working in a primarily tonal context. From the thumping basslines of Donna Summer to quirky Herbie Hancock leads and well beyond, these systems are ideal for anyone searching for classic analog tone in the endlessly flexible modular paradigm.




The East Coast Deluxe system is a complete set of tools for creating classic analog synth tones. Inspired by classic synths like the Moog Modular, Roland SH-101, and more, this synth is a workstation capable of everything from driving basslines and intricate counterpoint to spaced-out analog ambience.

With several stable multi-waveform oscillators capable of sync, FM, PWM, and more, this system is capable of everything from classic synth sounds to considerably more nuanced, experimental sounds. AJH’s Minimod VCF and Mutable’s Ripples, filters based on classic Moog and Roland designs, keep traditional analog tone nearby, while sequencers, quantizers, and MIDI capability provide the possibility of a variety of approaches for tonal musicmaking.

Whether expanding an existing setup or just starting out with modular synthesis, this system is an ideal choice for any musician looking to add powerful options for a classic analog workflow with extended options for control. For generative music, DAW integration, keyboard control, and more, this synth is ready to integrate into any workflow.



The East Coast Expanded system is ideal for musicians looking for a capable synth for East Coast-style music, still allowing room for easy expansion and insertion of their own personality. As it is, this synth is capable of producing several “voices” with varied means of control, but it also allows the user to decide how to make the instrument “complete,” and how to make it work best for their own creative process.

With a firm footing in the East Coast tradition, this synth features Moog and Roland-style filters, super stable oscillators with a healthy helping of waveshapes from Intellijel and WMD/SSF, internal sequencing, and MIDI capability, allowing it to integrate seamlessly into any workflow. Great for musicians looking to explore the possibilities implicit in modular synthesis within the context of classic analog sound design, the East Coast Expanded system is a perfect bridge between classic synth techniques and progressive control options, all the while allowing for easy user customization.



The East Coast Standard system is perhaps the coolest subtractive synth we could envision in 104hp. Excellent for any musician looking for a discreet way to add classic analog synth tone to their studio or live setup, this synth offers everything needed to create pulsing sequences, thick detuned leads, gnarly filter feedback, and more.

With Qu-Bit’s Octone Sequencer, flexible modulation from WMD/SSF’s Modbox, the super stable WMD/SSF Spectrum and Intellijel Dixie II+ VCOs, and AJH and Mutable’s classic Moog and Roland-style filters, this synthesizer is as powerful as a monosynth as it is a drone and soundscape machine. The Intellijel uMIDI allows control directly from keyboards, DAWs, and more, while the host of built-in modulation sources offer extended options for internal control.

Whether looking to add a new desktop synth to the arsenal or expanding an extant modular setup, the East Coast Standard system is a sure way to add a formidable analog synth to any sonic arsenal. For keyboardists, producers, songwriters, and more, this is an ideal step into the world of modular synthesis.



The East Coast Intermediate system is a powerful synthesizer with a small footprint, geared toward musicians who want the basic building blocks of a classic East Coast synth with the option to expand as they see fit.

A powerful synth even as it is, this system features flexible modulation, two stable oscillators, a Moog-style transistor ladder filter, and eight-step sequencer; however, it leaves ample room for expansion and invites its owner to bring their own personality and musical needs to turn this system into a personal instrument. Ready to provide powerful analog tone through thick drones, driving sequences, and more, this system encourages experimentation and invites personalization. Whether inspired by Wendy Carlos, Giorgio Moroder, Herbie Hancock, Tangerine Dream, or beyond, this system is an ideal way to get started with Eurorack modular synthesis.



The East Coast Core system is a discreet synth with a huge analog sound. Geared toward musicians who want to dip their toes into the world of Eurorack modular synths with a focus on classic monosynth sounds, this system delivers formidable tone in only 42hp. With Intellijel’s Dixie II+ stable multi-waveform oscillator, Mutable Instruments’ juicy Roland-style filter Ripples, and a host of modulation sources, this synth is built ready for intense filter modulation, grooving sequences, and more. A small but beastly synth, it is perfect for anyone looking to dig into the deeply unique and customizable tone of Eurorack modular synths. Whether inspired by deep pulsing Donna Summer basslines, ripping Keith Emerson solos, or Terry Riley arpeggios, this system is an excellent gateway into the modular ecosystem.