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Perfect Circuit SURCO Techno Performance System

Personally configured by techno champion SURCO, this fully-loaded Eurorack modular system provides everything you'd ever need to crush a live techno set, from driving rhythms and pummeling basses to abstract sound design. There's no shortage of sound sources at play here, with the Endorphine's Queen of Pentacles and Noise Engineering BIA laying down hard-hitting percussion, and Erica's Bassline, Black Wavetable VCO, and Instruo's Ts-L covering melodic and bass territories. Two instances of Noise Engineering's Viol Ruina decimate any audio signal, while the Erica Synths Dual FX covers delays, reverbs, and more. Add in a C4RBN from WMD for some sweet filtering, and you're well-equipped to shape the many voices in this system with ease.

Of course, sounds are only part of the modular equation—sequencing and control are perhaps even more important! The centerpiece of this rig is WMD's Metron, a powerful trigger sequencer that's further enhanced by two Voltera expanders. Nearby is a Noise Engineering Lapsus Os, which can mix and mangle multiple CV signals for new results, as well as an After Later Audio Tilt, Doepfer A145-4 Quad LFO, and NANO Quart for envelope generation and cyclical movement. Once all of your sounds are dialed, patch them over to the WMD Performance Mixer for detailed control over levels, panning, and all other aspects of your mix. Simply put, this is a no-frills performance rig, built from the ground up for hard hitting techno.

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