Erica SynthsAluminum Eurorack Travel Case - 6U / 104HP


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Erica Synths Aluminum Travel Case

The Aluminum Travel Case, from Erica Synths, is a 2 x 104HP Eurorack case designed for synth players on the go. With an aluminum construction, it is substantially lighter than wood cases, making it much more convenient around one's shoulder. The lid of the case has enough depth to allow patches to be kept even when the synth case is closed, meaning one can patch at home and not worry about rebuilding it before the set. The Travel Case is designed to meet carry-on luggage requirements for all airlines. 

The power supply provides 2500mA at the positive 12V rail, 1.5A at the negative 12V rail, and 500mA at 5V, with 60 module headers.

Aluminum Travel Case Features

  • 2 x 104HP Rails
  • 25% lighter than wood cases
  • Deep lid for travelling with patches
  • Meets hand luggage requirements of all airlines
  • Built in universal PSU
  • 2500mA@+12v; 1.5A@-12v; .500mA at +5V
  • 60 Module headers
  • This item is compatible with M3 threaded screws.
  • Dimensions: 550mm x 280mm x 140mm
  • Power supply functional with worldwide power
Erica Synths Aluminum Eurorack Travel Case - 6U / 104HP Reviews