InstruoTs-L Waveshaping Oscillator


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Instruo Ts-L

Instruo’s Tš-L is a compact analog triangle-core oscillator with a generous frequency range. Its triangle core generates a corresponding sine wave that is subsequently emitted via the module’s wavefolder output. Additional waveform outputs, include sine, triangle, sub-square, and PWM.

Ts-L Features

  • Triangle core analog oscillator
  • Dedicated pitch controls for Coarse and Fine
  • Oscillator soft sync
  • FM input with selectable linear and exponential ranges
  • Sine, Triangle, Sub square waveform outputs
  • Variable PWM
  • Wavefolder with symmetry control
  • Dedicated switch for accessing low frequency mode for use as LFO
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 6hp
  • Depth: 42mm
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 75mA @ -12V
Product Demo Videos
Instruo Ts-L And Tona Oscillators With Doepfer Regelwerk Sequencing
We just got the Instruo Ts-L and Tona oscillators in from Instruo and made this jam video with them, using a Doepfer Regelwerk as the sequencer. The drum sounds come from the SSF Entity Bass and Percussion Synthesizer modules. The envelopes, gates and effects are the Grand Terminal and TINRS Edgecutter.

The Tona and Ts-L are both analog eurorack VCOs with interesting wave-folders. The Tona is generating the bass synth sound and the Ts-L is generating the slower synth line.
Instruo - Tš-L Overview
The Tš-L is back in stock with a couple of extra bonus features!

The Tš-L is a fully analogue voltage controlled oscillator with a plethora of features in a very small footprint.

Its triangle core circuitry allows for extremely consistent waveforms over a wide frequency range. The triangle foundation is used to generate its sine waveform which holds consistent shape and amplitude across the Tš-L’s wide range. The outputs consist of simultaneous Square/Sub, Triangle, and Sine waveforms, with additional voltage controllable wavefolder and complex PWM waveshaper.

Tš-L includes every feature needed to powerfully perform as a rich, ultra compact audio source, as well as functioning equally as a versatile modulation source.
Instruo Ts-L Waveshaping Oscillator Reviews