G͢l̕it̀c̸h ̶S̴e͡ri̸es

The Glitch Series of systems is inspired by artists such as Autechre, Ryoji Ikeda, Kim Cascone, Squarepusher, The Hub, and more, honoring the aesthetic of malfunction that has grown from their intentional abuse of digital music systems.

In the 1980s, digital synths and workstations emerged and in many cases replaced analog systems, promising vast new sonic capabilities, often at a fraction of the price and footprint of their predecessors. So came the Yamaha DX-7’s digital FM, the Fairlight CMI’s sample-based workflow, the peculiar additive approach of the Technos Axcel, and the sequencing options afforded by computers and specialized hardware. A new world of sound was revealed, and many artists sought to find its boundaries: when they did, they found the inharmonic aliasing, abrasive sputters, grinding timbres, and mind-boggling rhythms that grew to define progressive digital music.

The Glitch Series pays homage to this approach by incorporating a range of unique digital synthesis methods, each prone to its own flavor of extremity: granular synthesis, FM, VOSIM, wavetables, physical modeling, and beyond. Geared toward intricate rhythmic music, edgy soundscapes, and general machine malfunction sounds, the Glitch series couples the power of peculiar digital synthesis with the flexibility of modular patching.




The Glitch Series Deluxe system is one of the most capable digital modular synthesizers we could concoct in 208hp. Built around an array of synthesis methods from FM, wavetable, and waveguides to additive, granular, and circuit-bent techniques, this system offers a wide array of possibilities for sound and control, from complex sequencing to looping envelope generators, random voltages, envelope following, and more.

Featuring modules from Make Noise, Noise Engineering, Befaco, Malekko, and more, this system brings together some of the most unique modules currently available. Whether interested in tight, intricate rhythms or generative, slowly unfolding soundscapes, this system provides ample opportunity for adventurous musicians to explore the sounds of digital synthesis techniques pushed to their limits, resulting in cascading flurries of unexpected noise, tightly composed bursts of sonic energy, and gradually shifting atmospheres of digital decay. Perfect for newcomers and synthesis gurus alike, this system offers myriad ways of manipulating and destroying sound.



The Glitch Series Expanded system is a formidable and deliberately constructed system that offers a firm footing in progressive digital synthesis techniques while maintaining room to expand, allowing users to organically develop their setup as they see fit. Featuring modules capable of techniques from Voice Simulation synthesis, granular techniques, wavetable scanning, sample rate reduction, and more, this system comes with a huge range of sonic options and control sources, all the while offering enough space and power for users to immediately add their own personal touch to the system. Featuring unique modules such as Noise Engineering’s Loquelic Iteritas, Make Noise’s Mysteron and Morphagene, and more, this system has a sound unique to itself.

Building on the aesthetic of glitch music produced by abusing advanced synthesis techniques, this system is equal parts sonic laboratory and compositional toolbox. Perfect for plucked strings, choppy stutters, sporadic bursts of all-out noise, rich digital soundscapes, and beyond, the Glitch Series Expanded system is a perfect fit for any progressive synthesis setup.



The Glitch Series Standard system is a fierce sonic force with a small footprint. Housed in a Make Noise 104hp skiff, this system offers some of the best Eurorack modules for flexible sequencing, modulation, and digital sound generation. Build around Noise Engineering’s Loquelic Iteritas and Make Noise’s Mysteron, this system leverages esoteric synthesis methods (VOSIM, summation synthesis, waveguide synthesis, and more!) to produce otherworldly soundscapes, brutal rhythms, particulate microsounds, and more.

With a host of sequencing and modulation capabilities, this system is ideal for musicians looking for a fully capable Eurorack system for exploiting the peculiar possibilities offered by digital synthesis. Melodic, percussive, and textural approaches are all supported and encouraged, providing everything from subtle soundscapes to sonic mayhem. Carefully planned and guaranteed to be a blast, this system is a complete instrument guaranteed to provide countless hours of sonic delights and destruction.



The Glitch Series Intermediate system is perfect for musicians looking to dive into the world of Eurorack synthesis with the immediate option for expansion and personalization. Offering a host of tools for peculiar digital sound generation as well as refined sequencing and voltage control, this system also offers room for users to add whatever other pieces make sense for their workflow: be it more sound sources, more signal processing options, additional modulation sources, or whatever else may suit their musical needs.

Even as it comes, this system is a powerhouse: multiple digital oscillators boasting several sound generation techniques each; probability-based CV and gate sequencing; tons of LFOs and envelopes. Easily capable of everything from repetitive grooves to abrasive noise, delicate arpeggios, and beyond, this system is an excellent gateway into the world of modular synths for any adventurous musician who looks to digital malfunction as a source of inspiration.



The Glitch Series Core system is a small synthesizer packed with destructive sonic potential. Housed in a discreet Erica Synths Pico Case, this synth features two tremendously varied sound sources and tons of modulation options, excellent for musicians looking to explore the world of Eurorack or otherwise add a piece of pure digital mayhem to an existing setup. Complete with sequencer, multiple envelope generators, LFOs, random voltage, and sound sources capable of clean pluck and bursts of brutal noise, this system is uncommonly flexible for its size, packing a huge range of features into a tiny footprint. Whether interested in repeating sequences, generative textures, random noises, or calm drones, this system is up for the task. For any daring musician who wants to explore digital sound generation with the flexibility and reprogrammability of voltage control, this system is an android’s electric dream come true.