Random SourceSEQ8 XL Serge Sequencer


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Random Source SEQ8 XL

SEQ8 XL is a modern equivalent to the original Serge analog sequencer / programmer. It provides two CV channels with both individual and summed outputs in addition to a gate connected (which is available per step). Use the buttons or gate signals to dictate the pattern length while altering melodies in realtime. The module’s All Gate output allows for it to be configured in a manner similar to a keyboard.

SEQ8 XL Features

  • Modern equivalent of acclaimed Serge sequencer
  • Two CV channels
  • 8 steps per channel
  • Voltage range: -5V to +5V
  • Combined output
  • Per-step Gate output
  • Per-step Gate input for complex patterns and direct stage addressing
  • Deactivation switch for use with other sequencers
  • Clock input for external synchronization
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