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Random SourceSerge GTS Slope Generator III


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Random Source Serge GTS

The GTS from Random*Source Serge Modular delivers a refreshed and revitalized edition of perhaps the most popular circuit design in Eurorack synthesizers, the Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG). Serge himself redesigned his classic architecture to add even more functionality and phenomenal improvements to the multitude of voltage-mangling tasks the DUSG was already capable of. The GTS offers all same flexible functionality of two comprehensive slope generators, with a redesigned core to add incredibly stable 1V/oct pitch tracking for use as a complex oscillator. Temperature compensation has also been added for stability, as well as improvements to the time range of each function.

Two identical slope generator sections on either side of the module provide the best version of this circuit yet from Serge. Each gives you main outputs as well as bipolar, inverted outputs. The function may be triggered by the TRIG inputs to create envelope shapes, or cycled to create LFO signals. And END trigger output sends a gate when the fall function ends, remaining high for most of the rise function. Rise and fall are both simultaneously and independently addressable and feature attenuverters for rise and fall CV inputs. Thanks to the GTS's greatly improved tracking, both slope generators are optimized for use as an oscillator with Pulse waveform outputs and 1V/octave inputs.

Where the GTS really starts to diverge from its predecessor is with the addition of two more helpful Serge voltage utilities: a CV processor and mixer, as well as the Serge Peak and Trough circuits. If you're familiar with the DUSG or its most famous noise-making offspring Maths, the combination of cycling function generators and a robust CV processor should be music to your ears. This added middle section offers a SUM output which mixes both slope outputs with two auxiliary inputs, which paired with attenuverter control for each channel is capable of creating very complex CV signals from a few simple sources. The comparator functions take this even further, with the MAX output comparing AUX1 and the main outs to send the highest current value, and the MIN output comparing AUX2 with the main outs to send the lowest current value.

If you haven't yet enjoyed such a robust voltage processor and function generator in your Eurorack system, or even as a Veteran slope-enthusiast, you would be hard-pressed to find a better option than the Random*Source Serge GTS. Handling everything from envelopes, LFOs, slews, and skews, all the way to complex oscillations, lo-fi filtering, feedback control patches, and generative sequencing, the Serge GTS is sure to find a place to excel in your own system.

Serge GTS Features

  • Dual function generator with CV processor/mixer and Peak and Trough comparator
  • Redesigned version of the DUSG by Serge himself - better tracking, speed range, temperature compensation and more
  • Audio range up to >28kHz
  • Tracks over 5 octaves as sawtooth/pulse oscillator
  • CV inputs for rise, fall, and both simultaneously
  • Trigger input and end-of-fall trigger output for complex gate and trigger generation
  • Main and inverted bipolar outputs for each slope generator
  • Cycle switch connects END output to TRIG IN for looping LFOs
  • 1V/Oct and PULSE output for each slope generator
  • Voltage processor section with 4 channel mixer and analog logic
  • MAX output compares main outs with AUX1 to send highest current value
  • MIN output compares main outputs with AUX2 to send lowest current value
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 26hp
  • Depth: <25mm
  • Current draw: 90mA @ +12V, 80mA @ -12V
Random Source Serge GTS Slope Generator III Reviews