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Random SourceSerge GTO Complex Multi-Function Module

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Random Source Serge GTO

An evolution of the classic Smooth & Stepped Generator, the Random*Source GTO is the most significant new Serge Modular design released in decades. Happily, it remains as patch-programmable as ever, with an increased emphasis on audio-rate processing and oscillations. At a glance the GTO bears a strong resemblance to the old SSG, though its cycle times have drastically increased, and the addition of a 1V/oct input on each channel opens the door to more easily patched melodic opportunities.

On the left, the GTO features an enhanced version of the classic Smooth side of the SSG. A drastically increased range from 26 seconds to 20kHz means that the GTO can function perfectly as an audio-rate oscillator, but it still excels at everything that the SSG could do. Add glide to pitch sequences, apply filtering to audio signals, create track-and-hold modulations, and more. New to the Smooth side is also a Sync input, which resets the waveform in cycling mode.

To the right, an all-new Stepped channel boasts flexibility well beyond the original SSG's capabilities. Right in the middle of the module is a Mode switch with three modes: Sample, Smooth, and INV. Sample mode is classic SSG Stepped behavior, offering sophistcated sample-and-hold functions with slew limiting. Smooth mode bypasses the Sample circuit, effecitvely offering a second Smooth channel, albeit slower with a range from over a minute to 8kHz. Inverted mode reverses the behavior of the Sample sections, interrupting cycling or processed signals with a momentary blip of sustain. Combined with the Run input, which will allow signals to held or cycles to be paused indefinitely, and the GTO opens up a owrld of new patching opportunities.

With 1V/Oct inputs on both sides, the GTO is ready to track up to five octaves out of the box, boosting its reliability as an audio source. And of course, the Coupler returns to trigger and control signals based on the relationship between the Smooth and Stepped channels. If Stepped is producing a higher than Smooth, each Coupler output will be high—the left output produces a standard 0-5V gate signal, but the Hot output will spit out a fiery +/-12V signal (watch your ears and speakers!). A worthy update to a modular icon, the GTO is a fast and furious step into the future for Serge Modular.

Serge GTO Features

  • Dual lag-and-hold processor
  • Iteration of the iconic Serge Modular Smooth and Stepped Generator
  • Increased frequency ranges with temperature compensation for improved audio-rate performance
  • Smooth side frequency range: 26second to 20kHz
  • Stepped side frequency range: >1 minute to 8kHz
  • Mode switch to bypass or invert Sample channel's pulse generator
  • Run input holds cycling and sustains input voltages
  • New sync input for Smooth channel
  • Coupler compares voltages at Smooth and Stepped outputs
  • Coupler outputs at 0-5V, -12 - +12V
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 18hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 45mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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Product Demo Videos
Serge GTO - Analog Bitcrushing and Sound processing
Serge GTO used as an lofi effect processor / bit crusher.
In the 2nd half, both sides are used in parallel to process stereo material.
Serge GTO - a complex oscillator?
The Serge GTO is possibly the most versatile Serge module ever - an evolution of the famous Serge Smooth & Stepped Generator that goes far beyond the classic lag and hold uses. Each side can be switched to cycle - left side faster than 20kHz, right side more than 8 kHz - and has an 1V/Oct input which open up all sorts of complex VCO duties...
Random Source Serge GTO Complex Multi-Function Module Reviews