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Frap Tools Sapel

The Frap Tools Sapel is a multifarious random source module that provides several useful functions, including four distinct random audio-rate signals (blue, white, pink, and red noise), random low frequency signals (both quantized and normal), and random clocks. The low frequency random section features dual sample and hold circuits, with the option to quantize the output signals of each. The module’s internal clocks govern the random speed, can be manually triggered via push buttons, or can be replaced with external clock signals.

Sapel Features

  • Blue noise (+3dB/oct spectrum)
  • White noise (0dB/oct spectrum)
  • Pink noise (-3dB/oct spectrum)
  • Red noise, a.k.a. brown or brownian (-6dB/oct spectrum)
  • Fluctuating random voltage
  • Quantized random voltage with 2n stages tuned in semitones referred to 1V/oct scale
  • Quantized random voltage with n+1 stages tuned in octaves referred to 1V/oct scale
  • Non quantized sample & hold.
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