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Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off! Use Code CIRCUIT10
Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off With Code CIRCUIT10
Celebrate Our Anniversary and Get 10% Off! Use Code CIRCUIT10

ALM Busy CircuitsSystem Coupe Modular System


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ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe

The ALM System Coupe is the first modular system from ALM Busy Circuits, containing everything you need to get started in modular and easily integrate it with a DAW. Conversely, use the System Coupe as a way to add 3U of incredibly powerful modules to your existing Eurorack system. It includes special editions of mmmidi, MIDI to CV converter and the expander, mmT; Pamela's New Workout, trigger and clock-synced modulation source; Quaid Megaslope, complex function generator; Squid Salmple, eight-channel sampler; MCO, digital oscillator; Tangle Quartet, VCA and mixer; and HPO headphone output. In addition to these modules, a few new modules are included in the system: Mult, an unbuffered multiple; MCF, multi-mode filter; Milton, mixer, attenuator, and general utility module. Done just for this system, all modules come in matte grey panels with white screens, special magenta and blue knobs, and comes in a custom-made 84hp case with an internal power supply. This flexible patching ecosystem combines some of the best of digital and analog in one versatile system.

System Coupe Features

  • Modular system
  • mmmidi MIDI to CV converter
  • Pamela's New Workout clock and modulation source
  • Quaid Megaslope complex function generator
  • Squid Salmple eight-channel sampler
  • MCO oscillator
  • Tangle Quartet VCA and mixer
  • HPO headphone output
  • MCF multi-mode filter
  • Milton utility module
  • Mult unbuffered multiple
  • Includes 23 patch cables, MIDI DIN to TRS adapter, Squid Salmple USB sample library key, and 12V external PSU
  • 84HP
  • Dimensions: 435 x 132 x 66mm
  • Power: 12V, 1.5A
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Product Demo Videos
ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe Hybrid Ableton Live Jam & Patch Walkthrough
The ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe is an 84HP system with an 8 channel sampler (Squid Salmple), digital VCO (MCO) and an analog multimode filter (MCF). The system has a quad VCA/mixer (Tangle Quartet) and a module that lets you use and effects pedal as an effect in your modular (Milton). For sequencing and modulation there is the function generator (Quaid Megaslope) and clock divider (Pam’s New Workout). You can also sequence it with midi with the mmmidi and mmT expander. The System Coupe also comes with all of the cables and everything you need to start playing modular.

In this video we used the System Coupe in a hybrid setup with Ableton Live, some of the sounds like the kick drum come from a VST running in Ableton, the Coupe is used to add percussion and vocal samples as well as a synth line. The Milton module also made it possible to easily use an effects pedal with the system. It is also possible to use the System Coupe without an external midi sequencer as you can trigger your drums with the Pam’s New Workout and use the Quaid Megaslope as a pitch sequencer.
ALM Busy Circuits System Coupe Modular System Reviews