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Pamela's New Workout has been discontinued—but don't worry! You can still get your patches in shape with the new and improved Pamela's PRO Workout, available here!

ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's NEW Workout

Pamela's NEW Workout is an updated and improved version of ALM's classic Eurorack module, capable of generating not only clock signals and gates, but also modulation waveforms, random voltage, and complex logic processes. The core of Pam's is its clock generation: across 8 outputs you can send out signals that are rhythmically related to a global BPM. Divisions can go as slow as /512 while multiples can go up to x48. You can add Euclidean rhythms easily with built-in parameters for Step and Pattern Length, as well as Rotation. Gate signals are shapeable, too, from short pings to long sustains. Easily generate complex rhythms for up to 8 percussive voices.

It doesn't stop with rhythm though, this version can be a modulation powerhouse with each channel capable of generating unipolar 0–5V Triangle or Sine LFOs that are also Width and Phase shapeable. Their levels can be attenuated and with a built-in Random Skip feature, you can add only occasional modulation if set up properly. Aside from LFO shapes, each channel can create a short envelope that is great for pinging LPGs or adding natural-sounding decay when opening a VCA.

Pam's NEW Workout can also act as a random voltage source with stepped and smooth random waveforms available. Using the built-in note quantizer, you can generate random melodic lines, or loop the random voltage, moving from serendipity to intention at the turn of a knob. Each channel has a built-in Logic parameter that can do AND, OR, or XOR functions based on any other channel, or one of the two CV inputs.

Speaking of inputs, the Pam's plays well with others by accepting CV input: CV1 is a unipolar 0–+5v input while CV2 is a bipolar -5v–+5v input, and each one can be routed to affect almost any parameter. Two clock inputs are also available: one for clocking the system and one for either triggering a reset or toggling the clock run. And if all of that wasn't enough, two expanders are available to connect to even more external devices.

Pamela's NEW Workout has consistently been a module that is found in almost any case for its versatility, size, and straightforward interface. Grab one today and open a world of rhythmic possibilities for your Eurorack system.

Pamela's NEW Workout Features

  • BPM-based clock with tempo rates 10-300BPM.
  • 8 Clocked voltage outputs each with independent adjustable;
  • Clock divisors and multipliers from /512 to x48 including various noninteger factors.
  • Gated, Triangle, Sine, Envelope & random base waveforms.
  • Waveform level and pulse width/skewing.
  • Phase, Delay and delay division (for complex swing)
  • Euclidean and random step skipping with beat based looping for rhythm creation
  • All output parameters are assignable to x2 CV inputs with individual software offset, attenuation, and monitoring.
  • Per output and group saving and loading to 200 banks. Voltage and direct control of clock stop/start, reset, and rate. Sync to an external clock input at 48 to 1 PPQN.
  • Real-Time intuitive user interface with high resolution LED display. Provides dedicated DIN Sync and MIDI clock output via optional expander(s).
  • Easy firmware upgrades via USB port.
  • Unlikely to actually improve aerobic fitness.
  • Eurorack Module
  • 8 HP Width
  • 22mm Depth (including power header)
  • Triggers: 0-5v
  • Supply: +12v
  • Current Draw: ~30 - 80ma (all triggers simultaneously open)
Product Demo Videos
Pamela’s New Workout controlling Akemie’s and Dinky’s Taikos
Pamela's New Workout is used to generate triggers, random voltages, and LFOs to create an upbeat rhythmic patch with Akemie's Taiko and Dinky's Taiko. Pitch variation comes from randomly modulating Akemie's ratio, while rhythmic variation is generated by feeding random voltages back to Pam's Workout's inputs and somewhat off-time clocks to Akemie's FM feedback amount.

Pamela's NEW Workout, from ALM Busy Circuits, is an update from their Eurorack classic, Pamela's Workout. It is a compact programmable clock source, with eight individual outputs. Now upgraded in Pamela's NEW Workout is an OLED display for greater clarity and presentation of information, along with some other hardware developments and a completely redesigned software. Each output is now expanded to include rhythmic waveforms instead of just clocks and triggers. Its ability to interface with other gate signals has also been improved, with dedicated MIDI and Din Sync outputs available with the expansion modules, as well as rock solid clock stability.
54HP Episode 4: Lo-Fi Groovebox
On this episode of 54HP we built a lo-fi sample based groovebox case with the new Assimil8or as the sound generating core. This 8 track sampler and sample player can play back sounds as well as DC coupled CV sequences and modulation. The Assimil8or is capable of high quality sample playback as well, but features bit reduction and lo-fi aliasing options. Clock dividers and mathematical sequencers were used to trigger the samples and the Mum M8 filter adds some more lo-fi sampler character at the end of the chain.

Module List:
ALM Busy Circuits Pamela’s New Workout
Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor
Rossum Assimil8or
ALM Busy Circuits Mum M8
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