4MSMulti Eurorack Power Cable - 10-pin


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4MS Multi Eurorack Power Cable

These power cables allow users of the 4ms Pod series cases to add even more modules to their setups; by branching a single 16-pin header to three 10-pin connectors, it allows three modules to connect to a single Eurorack power header. Perfect for expanding the Pod or any other Eurorack case (the Make Noise Powered Skiff, for instance!), these cables are a godsend for those who need to squeeze a couple more modules onto a cramped PSU.

Multi Eurorack Power Cable Features

  • 16-pin to three 10-pin Eurorack power headers
  • Ideal for adding more power headers to a 4ms Pod case
  • Great for adding extra power headers to any case
  • Headers: 1x 16-pin to three 10-pin female headers
  • Length: 20"
4MS Multi Eurorack Power Cable - 10-pin Reviews