4MSPod40X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 40HP (Powered)


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Pod40X Desktop Case - 40HP (Powered)

The 4MS Pod40X is a portable, low-profile Eurorack case that accommodates modules up to 2" deep. The Pod40X's power supply provides plenty of juice for the space, and has four power headers. Like the other Pods, the 40X can be daisy-chained together with other Pods for easy creation of modular "clusters" of modules, making it easy to rearrange small parts of a larger ecosystem, or to take small groups of modules on the go.

The Pod40X does not include a power brick, but is compatible with 4MS's power brick and barrel cables.

Pod40X Features

  • Small, portable desktop Eurorack case for modular enclosure solutions
  • Integrated PSU with four power connectors
  • Power can be daisy-chained between multiple units
  • 2" internal depth to accommodate deeper modules
  • Includes ten M3 x 8mm module mounting screws
  • Exterior Dimensions: 208 x 159.5 x 53mm
  • Internal module depth: 50.8mm
  • Width: 40hp
  • Power: 1.4A @ +12V, 0.65A @ -12V, 0.5A @ +5V
  • Requires 15–20VDC input (adapter not included)
4MS Pod40X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 40HP (Powered) Reviews