4MSPod60 Desktop Case - 60HP (Powered)


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Pod60 Desktop Case - 60HP (Powered)

The 4ms Pod Eurorack enclosures are ideal cases for desktop musicians looking to add some Eurorack variety into their setups—this 60hp version provides ample room and power for creating the perfect portable system. Made from black anodized aluminum, this super sleek case is as discreet a skiff as they come, with a minimal footprint in all dimensions: a shallow boat for extending a 0-Coast, or adding Eurorack to a completely in-the-box setup.

And of course, the Pod series supports daisy-chaining of power: so it is possible to create modular configurations of cases, and to grow a system piece by piece rather than looking at empty space for ages. Ready to go at a moment's notice, Pods are making it easier than ever to get into Eurorack modular synthesis.

Pod Features

  • Powered 60hp Eurorack case perfect for portable / desktop setups
  • Black anodized aluminum chassis
  • Four power headers
  • Barrel connector for daisy-chaining multiple Pods
  • PSU brick & barrel jumper cables sold separately
  • Includes twenty M3 x 8mm module mounting screws
  • Depth: 34.2mm
  • Available current: 1400mA @ +12V, 560mA @ -12V, 400mA @ +5V
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4MS Pod60 Desktop Case - 60HP (Powered) Reviews