4MSPod34X Desktop Case - 34HP (Powered)


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Pod34X Desktop Case - 34HP (Powered)

The 4ms Pod34x powered is a portable, compact skiff that is perfect for using Eurorack modules like desktop instruments. It's 34HP wide and is a great way to get started with just a few modules, or expand your existing setup with a smaller configuration of modules. It's deep enough to house modules up to 2.16" or 55mm deep and provides four power headers. Additional power headers can be added with the 4ms multi Eurorack power cable.

Note: this Pod does not include a PSU. It requires the Power Brick to power the skiff.

Pod34X Features

  • 34HP Eurorack skiff
  • Compact and portable
  • Lightweight yet durable aluminum enclosure
  • Built-in power supply
  • Standard M3 holes
  • Requires 4ms external power supply to function (not included)
  • Includes ten M3 x 8mm module mounting screws
  • Module mounting depth 2.16"/55mm
  • Outside dimensions 177.3 x 159.5 x 57mm/6.98 x 6.28 x 2.24"
  • Power specs 1.4A @ +12v, 640mA @ -12v, 1A @ +5v
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