4MSPod64X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 64HP (Powered)


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Pod64X Desktop Case - 64HP (Powered)

The 4ms Pod64X Powered is a compact and portable Eurorack skiff that is perfect for a starter skiff or as an expansion of a larger Eurorack system. It has 64HP of room to house modules and is 2.16"/55mm of depth. The built-in power supply provides ample power to your modules and can be expanded using a multi-power accessory.

Note: this Pod does not include a PSU. It requires the Power Brick to power the skiff.

Pod64X Features

  • 64HP Eurorack skiff
  • Built-in power supply
  • Portable and lightweight
  • 100% anodized aluminum
  • Standard M3 holes
  • Requires 4ms external power supply to function (not included)
  • Includes twenty M3 x 8mm module mounting screws
  • Module mounting depth 2.16"/55mm
  • Total dimensions 329.7 x 159.5 x 57mm/12.98 x 6.28 x 2.24"
  • Power specs 1.4A @ +12v, 670mA @ -12v, 1A @ +5v
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4MS Pod64X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 64HP (Powered) Reviews