4MSPod48X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 48HP (Powered)


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Pod48X Desktop Case - 48HP (Powered)

The 4MS Pod48X is a small, portable desktop Eurorack case perfect for transporting small groups of modules. Pod48X offers two inches of internal depth, making it compatible with the vast majority of "skiff-friendly" modules.

Like the rest of the powered Pod modules, the 48X offers plenty of power for its size, and can be daisy-chained with other Pods to create larger setups. It does not include a power brick, but it is compatible with 4MS power bricks and power barrel cables.

Pod48X Features

  • Portable desktop Eurorack enclosure
  • Integrated PSU with four power connectors
  • Power can be daisy-chained between multiple units
  • 2" internal depth to accommodate deeper modules
  • Includes ten M3 x 8mm module mounting screws
  • Exterior Dimensions: 248.3 x 159.5 x 53mm
  • Internal module depth: 50.8mm
  • Width: 48hp
  • Power: 1.4A @ +12V, 0.65A @ -12V, 0.5A @ +5V
  • Requires 15–20VDC input (adapter not included)
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4MS Pod48X Desktop Eurorack Case - 3U / 48HP (Powered) Reviews