XAOC DevicesDrezno II 1989 Binary Conversion Komputor


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XAOC Devices Drezno II

Drezno II is an improved version of the original, an essential element of the XAOC Devices Leibniz system of 8-bit signal operations. Featuring eight primary inputs and eight primary outputs; Drezno II is the most direct means of interfacing signals in and out of their binary components. Signals patched into the ADC input at the top will be split apart into eight binary components, with gain and offset controls to scale and shift the input and resultant bits around.

Where things get interesting with Drezno II is in the fact that its ADC and DAC may be decoupled from each other, so it's possible to patch bit outputs into different bit inputs to mangle and maniupalte signals. This means that you can patch a complex waveshape into the ADC input, derive gates and rhythms from its bit components, but also patch those bits into different places on the DAC, producing an entirely new waveform through bit-shifting.

Drezno II features improved converters, allowing for better performance in precision applications such as operating on 1V/Oct signals. Furthmore, a new switch allows for selection of full eight-bit range of 256 values, or scaled down to 128 for lower resolution. This means that the lowest bit now corresponds to a semitone, making it easier than ever to use Drezno for pitch applications. Extract and create signals in totally new ways with Drezno II.

Drezno II Features

  • Analog-Digital and Digital-Analog Converters for 8-bit signals
  • Processes audio or control voltages
  • Signals patched into ADC input converted to binary components
  • Signals patched into DAC bit inputs consolidated into new waveforms
  • ADC and DAC may be un-liinked for cross-patching and re-mapping of bits
  • Expandable with numerous other modules in Leibniz system
  • 2Mhz internal clock may be replaced with external sources
  • Range switch for full range of 256 steps or 128
  • Improved nosie floor for pitch applications
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 12hp
  • Depth: TBD
  • Current draw: 80mA @ +12V, 50mA @ -12V
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XAOC Devices Drezno II 1989 Binary Conversion Komputor Reviews