Tiptop AudioThe Analog Bundle S2 ART Polyphonic Eurorack Module Set

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Tiptop Audio The Analog Bundle S2

Tiptop Audio offers the perfect entry into their ART ecosystem with the Analog Bundle S2, featuring their Octopus module to convert MIDI data into precision ART signals for building polyphonic Eurorack patches. ART eliminates the headaches of managing multiple oscillator modules, eliminating tuning and drift from the equation for reliable and repeatable operation. Best of all, these signals are patchable like anything else in your modular rig, and forthcoming modules will offer even more possibilities in the future.

As the brain of the S2 bundle, OCTOPUSaccepts MIDI input from controllers, DAWs, and more, converting them into ART messages that may be distributed to up to eight ART-compatible modules. The bundle gives you a head-start with the inclusion of three ATX1 VCOs, offering the lovely sound of analog synthesis without the tuning woes that come along with it. From there, you can sum the oscillators in the MIX 7, keep dynamics in check with the CONTROL PATH VCA and dual ADSR envelope generator, and enjoy delicious lowpass filtering from the Z2040.

If you're using MIDI with your modular rig, or looking for the perfect entrypoint, the Analog Bundle S2 from Tiptop Audio will make the possibilities of ART clear as day.

The Analog Bundle S2 Features

  • Limited bundle of ART Eurorack modules at special discounted pricing
  • ART provides precise and hassle-free management of pitch, offering auto-tuning and other features for controlling ART-compatible modules
  • OCTOPUS MIDI-ART converter
  • 3x analog ATX1 ART VCOs
  • MIX 7 mixer
  • CONTROL PATH VCA + dual ADSR envelopes
  • Z2040 analog lowpass filter
  • Note: any warranty for this bundle applies to the full set—separating the modules will void your warranty
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 61hp
  • Depth: 40mm for all
  • Current draw: 503mA @ +12V,
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