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Tiptop Audio ATX1

Designed to be the basic building block for voices within ART polyphonic patches, Tiptop Audio's ATX1 is an analog oscillator boasting incredible tuning control and stability. The ART protocol is Tiptop's new high-speed data stream designed to streamline the tuning process, adjusting ART-compatible oscillators such as ATX1 to absolute pitches rather than relative voltages. Unlike 1V/Oct MIDI-CV converters or quantizers, which still require tuning your oscillator to the desired base pitch, ART eliminates the worry of your patches going out of tune between sessions, or, even worse, during a gig.

ATX1 is a dependable, sawtooth-core oscillator, and although it is receptive to the digital ART protocol, it's otherwise a fully-analog design. A variable wave control produces all of the classic oscillator waveforms, from sine through triangle and sawtooth to pulse. Of course, you get essential CV inputs for FM, pulse-width modulation, and hard sync—all of this functioning on top of the tuning advantages of ART. If your system quite ART-ready, ATX1 can operate in traditional 1V/Oct and LFO modes

ATX1's full capabilities come to light in ART mode. In addition to possibly never needing to tune it after installation, ATX1 can monitor itself based on the environment within your case. Should it be installed above a heat-generating power supply, ATX1 can become aware of this and accommodate its ART tuning accordingly, ensuring that accuracy is always maintained. Now, when performing with non-modular gear, acoustic instruments, or even overdubbing over your own previous recordings, there's never any frustrating tuning drift or deviation.

Set the foundation for your dream polyphonic modular system with the ATX1 by Tiptop Audio.

ATX1 Features

  • Analog oscillator with ART capabilities
  • Supports both traditional 1V/Oct and ART control signals
  • ART mode accounts for temperatue changes and compensates for maximum stability
  • LFO mode for low frequencies
  • FM, PWM, variable waveshape controls and CV inputs
  • Hard sync input
  • Audio output
  • Gate output for ART mode
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 40mm
  • Current draw: 105mA @ +12V, 33mA @ -12V
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