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SquarpRample Four-Channel Sampler


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Squarp Rample

Get deep sample playback options with the Rample from Squarp, a four channel sampler with plenty of ways to sequence and manipulate samples on the fly. It plays back samples from a microSD card at 16-bit/44.1kHz resolution, which translates to CD quality recordings.

Each channel has a dedicated gate input which is used to trigger the sample as well as an individual output. Patching into any of the individual outputs removes this channel from the mix output. This mix output features its own level attenuator to set the overall volume level of the mixed samples. Settings and sample status is easily readable thanks to the LED matrix, which includes a VU meter for each of the samples as well as clear indications of CV routing, sample selection, and parameter edits. Primary sound parameters can be accessed with the four buttons below the LED matrix—these include a pitch shifter, bit crusher, DJ-style filter, and a glitchy freeze effect. Another group of advanced parameters are available with a double press of the buttons. This includes start point, length, envelope, and run mode that can be used to one-shot, toggle loop, or looping playback while the gate is high. Four CV inputs can be assigned to control these parameters and manipulate the samples and playback.

Rample comes with a microSD card fully loaded with samples that include melodic stabs, breakbeats, and textures that can be combined, layered, and mangled using the onboard controls. Of course, you're free to add your own to the microSD card. Samples are organized into kits; a kit is a group of four samples that are saved into 26 banks of 100 kits. Up to 12 samples can be assigned per voice. These can be played back manually, randomly cycled through, cyclical round robin, or controlled via the MIDI velocity input. Rample is fully equipped to function as a MIDI drum module with MIDI input and thru, which allows you to link multiple Ramples for even more sample sequencing. Place a Rample in a small case such as a 4ms Pod and sequence it with your external MIDI controller, no modular sequencer required. Load up your favorite samples, play them, swap them around, mangle them, and get a ton of fun results with this sampler from Squarp.

Rample Features

  • Four channel sampler
  • Plays 16-bit/44.1kHz samples via high speed microSD card
  • Assignable CV inputs
  • Kits contain groups of four sample groups with up to 12 samples per voice
  • Samples group order can be changed manually, randomly cycled, cyclical round robin, or with MIDI velocity
  • Save and recall up to 2600 kits
  • Pitch shifter with +/-1 octave
  • Two algorithm bit crusher with sample rate and resolution reduction
  • DJ style filter with both high and low pass filters
  • Freeze function for glitchy stutters
  • Adjust start point, loop length, and envelope
  • Three run modes, one shot, toggle loop, gate high loop
  • LED matrix for displaying information
  • MIDI input and thru
  • Includes MIDI adapters
  • Individual and mix outputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Current draw: 190mA @ +12V, 40mA @ -12V
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Squarp Rample Four-Channel Sampler Reviews