SquarpHapax Polychronic MIDI + CV Performance Sequencer


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Squarp Hapax

Representing a new generation of sequencing from the minds at Squarp, Hapax is a performance sequencer with a robust and unique operating system in a league of its own. Aside from the visual brilliance of dual screens and 128 RGB pads, the Hapax's intelligent sequencer capabilities shine brightly and affords massive opportunities for control and performance, centering itself amongst all your hardware and virtual synthesizers, samplers, drum machines, and any other MIDI-enabled devices. Functionally, the Hapax provides loads of connectivity over four independent MIDI outputs, USB type-B, and even modular integration via the eight, high-quality 16-bit CV and gate outputs. On the input side, Hapax works as a USB-host and can accept MIDI clock via the two MIDI inputs, USB type-A device port, and the two CV inputs.

Moving away from physicality and into what makes this device tick, the Hapax works as a sequencer off of a dual-project architecture, with each project hosting up to eight patterns based around 16 individual tracks. This means that you can load and swap between two assignable projects without having to scroll and load projects sequentially, making for a more fluid and DJ-like performance. From an arrangement point of view, the Hapax can collect and sort patterns into sections, and multi-section pieces can be chained together to create complex song structures. Each track within a pattern can be assembled and detailed in a number of ways, including length, play direction, and even a unique feature known as "time elasticity", in which you can add a percentage of BPM drift to your tracks for phasing in and out of tempo.

All of these features alone make for a highly capable sequencer for any style of music, but Hapax can do even more to make your pieces come alive during a performance or recording session. Perform stunning melodies, harmonic progressions, and beats all from the Hapax with its unique performance modes, including an isomorphic grid layout for easy chord shapes and melodic runs, a chord mode for expressive polyphonic magic over a single press, and an eight-zone drum mode with 16 velocity pads per zone. These modes allow for high-precision playback and recording of up to 192ppqn, and the former two modes open the doors to MPE-enabled devices, when the track is adjusted to such settings.

For introducing spice and wonder into your pieces and performances, the Hapax offers MIDI effects and algorithms that liven up your instruments, how they respond, and integrate within your projects. MIDI effects such as arpeggiation, harmonization, LFOs, swing, and much more can be applied for flexing and stretching your sequences into much more complex MIDI data, while the algorithms offer generative and probabilistic means of creating sequences. To add even further movement and life to your stagnant MIDI notes, the Hapax features virtually limitless automation lanes for recording and drawing in your very own automation curves. Automation can be applied to pitch bend, aftertouch, CCs, NRPNs, program changes, CV outputs, and many more parameters with highly-flexible editing tools, even supporting interpolation for smoother transitions.

There are so many more details to dive into with the Hapax, be it note and step quantization, pitch transposition, per-step nudging, or even each live mode's individual details. Providing a flexible and solid interface to navigate this extensive device as well as a fantastic and regularly-developing OS for future improvements and updates, the Hapax from Squarp instruments is the end-all be-all for outboard sequencing throughout a studio or live-performance rig. In fact, calling Hapax a sequencer is almost underappreciating its capabilities—it's an entirely new paradigm of interaction with electronic music, instruments, and synthesizers.

Hapax Features

  • Polychronic performance MIDI and CV sequencer
  • Four modes for accessing loads of sequence and performance functionality
  • Dual-project architecture capable of swapping back and forth between performance pieces
  • Project lengths up to 8-patterns of up to 16 MIDI tracks
  • Assemble patterns into sections for multi-pattern playback
  • Song structures for assembling multi-section playback
  • Tracks can be set from 16th note to 32 bars in length with independent run-modes (forward, reverse, pingpong, or random)
  • Track phasing via "time elasticity" for percentage-based BPM drift
  • High resolution recording and looping of up to 192ppqn of MIDI data, including MPE
  • Real time performance modes including isomorphic scale layouts, chord generation, or 16-velocity range drum view
  • Real-time track transposition and MIDI effects (arpeggiator, chance, euclid, harmonizer, etc.)
  • Three different step modes for different instruments (polyphony, drums, and MPE)
  • Algorithmic compositional tools along with conditional trigs per note
  • Automation editor and interpolator for CCs, pitch, aftertouch, and more
  • 16-bit full-scale Eurorack-level CV both in and out
  • Connectivity over 5-pin DIN, CV, gate, and USB device & host
  • SD card slot for saving projects
  • Runs off unique and regularly-developing HapaxOS
  • MIDI input: 1x 5-pin DIN, 1x TRS
  • MIDI output: 3x 5-pin DIN, 1x TRS
  • CV input: 2x -5V to +5V
  • CV output: 4x -5V to +5V
  • Gate output: 4x +5V
  • USB MIDI: 1x type-B (device), 1x type-A (host)
  • Pedal input: TRS footswitch
  • Dimensions: 358 x 206 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 1.855 kg
  • Power: 15V 1.2A (PSU included)
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Introducing Hapax
Genuine centerpiece of a setup, Hapax offers every tool needed to compose songs in the studio and perform them on stage. From vintage to modern synths, from modular systems to your favorite DAW, Hapax can sequence and synchronize all your gear, while bringing you carefully crafted tools, designed for maximizing creativity.
Squarp Hapax Polychronic MIDI + CV Performance Sequencer Reviews