SoundmachinesLP1 Lightplane Touch Controller


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Soundmachines LP1 Lightplane

The Sound Machines LP1 generates three-dimensional CV and gate signals corresponding to the position and pressure of the user’s finger on its surface. 

The LP1 has different modes of operation, all accessible via the Mode button. 

Additionally, the module can be mounted with either side facing upwards depending on the needs and/or personal preferences of the user. 

The module can be configured via jumpers to emit a 5V or 10V output voltage for use with both bi-polar and uni-polar inputs. 

LP1 Features

  • X, Y, Z Outputs
  • Gate Output
  • X, Y, Z (capacitive pad) Control
  • Record (capacitive button) Control
  • Mode (capacitive button) Control
  • Eurorack Module
  • 16HP Width
  • .5” Depth
  • +12v: 210mA Current Draw
  • -12v: 8mA Current Draw
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Product Demo Videos
54HP Episode 7: Touch Synth
After a short break 54HP is back with a touch controlled synth voice on episode 7. The only sound generator is a Mutable Instruments Plaits run through a 2HP Verb. The other three modules in the case focus on touch controls. The Intellijel Tetrapad in fader mode has four faders which each output both fader position and pressure. The Trogotronic M11 is a simple touch button but it has a great tactile feel can can also be used as a VCA or CV processor. The Sound Machines LP1 Lightplane not only has outputs for X & Y positions and pressure, but has a built in recorder feature so you can loop your touch control gestures. This system shows how playable a eurorack system can be without using any sequencers or non human controlled modulation sources.
Soundmachines LP1 Lightplane Touch Controller Reviews