SoundmachinesBI1 Brain Interface


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Soundmachines Bl1 Brain Interface

The Sound Machines Bl1 is a revolutionary brain interface designed for use with modular synthesizers and related gear. The module must be used with the neurosky mindwave mobile headset in order to read brainwaves across eight bands. The corresponding headset makes various analyses based on internal sensors and sends them to the Bl1’s corresponding outputs, Attention and Meditation. Check the manual on Sound Machines’s website for a more comprehensive description of what the Bl1 is capable of.

This is the EURORACK version of the Bl1.

Bl1 Features

  • Read Brainwaves (EEG) directly, across 8 bands.
  • Respond to the analyses of the MindWave headset, like "Attention" and "Meditation".
  • Graphic OLED display for configuration
  • Customization: "Smoothing of the signals, trigger threshold, addition algorithms, scaling, MIDI channel and CC for each output are completely configurable."
  • The BI1 manual can be found here.


  • delts 0.5-2.75hz
  • ltheta 3.5-6.75hz
  • low alpha 7.5-9.25hz
  • low beta 18-29.75hz
  • low gamma 31-39.75hz
  • mid gamma 41-49.75hz
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