RolandSYS-572 Phase Shifter + Delay + LFO


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Roland System-500 572

As a part of the Roland System-500 system, there's great flexibility and power within this module. With a high quality build and a surprisingly affordable price point, the System-500 modules make a great addition or centerpiece for any modular system.

The System-500 572 is a time based multi effect module. With a five stage phaser, analog delay, a control voltage gate delay, and an LFO, the 572 is a powerful addition to any Eurorack format system. The phase shifter has panel controls for the shift frequency and the resonance amount with very precise and wide values. The audio delay has a very similar style set of controls, with independent controls for the delay time and feedback amount. Both of these effects can be modulated by the 572's onboard low frequency oscillator, or by external CV signal.

System-500 572 Features

  • Three modules in one!
  • 5-Stage phase shifter with CV control for both Phase shift and effect mix
  • Dedicated CV amount knobs for CV inputs
  • Delay with CV control for Delay time and effect Mix
  • Utility LFO with 2 triangle outputs, one 180 degrees out of phase (inverted)
  • Gate Delay for modifying incoming gate signals from other modules.
  • Eurorack Module
  • Width: 16HP
  • Depth: 2-5/16"", 58mm
  • Current Draw: 110mA@+12V, 90mA@-12V
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